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Book # Author Book Title Price Location
000002Scott, Dr. W. NormanDr. Scott's Knee Book$ 7.95Second Shelf
000003Struever, Stuart & Felicia Antonelli HoltonKoster: Americans in Search of Their Prehistoric Past$ 10.25Second Shelf
000005Pagnol, MarcelManon Des Sources Tome 2$ 5.50Flat 21
000006Maalouf, AminLe Premier Siecle Apres Beatrice$ 5.50Flat 22
000008Kessel. JosephLe Lion$ 5.00Flat 21
000009Gulik, Robert VanLe Monastere Hante$ 6.75Flat 21
000010Paillet, MarcLe Spectre De La Nouvelle Lune$ 5.50Flat 21
000014Bedier, JosephLe Roman De Tristan et Iseut$ 6.50Flat 22
000015Bosco, HenriL'ane Culotte$ 6.50Flat 22
000017Boiteau, Quinlan, Stansfield, Stuart-lyonUne Histoire Du Canada$ 25.00Top Shelf
000019RobaStrip Cocker$ 8.00Top Shelf
000020RobaBillets De Bill$ 7.50Top Shelf
000021RobaV'la Boule & Bill$ 8.00Top Shelf
000022Bizien, Jean-lucLa Tour Aux 100 Menaces$ 7.00Top Shelf
000023Bizien, Jean-lucLa Pyramide Aux 100 Maledictions$ 8.00Top Shelf
000024Minz, Chris; Sean Yelland & Lana deCosimoHighway 61, the Illustrated Screenplay$ 20.00Top Shelf
000025Wertham, Fredric, M.D.The Show of Violence$ 16.50Second Shelf
000026Ottenheimer, LaurenceLa Barque De Pharaon$ 8.00Top Shelf
000027McCaffrey, AnneThe Unicorn Girl$ 15.00Big Flat13
000032Soulieres, RobertLe Visiteur Du Soir$ 5.00Flat 22
000033Naudin, PierreLes Lions Diffames$ 5.50Flat 22
000034Tuten, FrederickTin Tin in the New World$ 5.00Second Shelf
000036Lee, StanThe Ultimate Silver Surfer$ 9.00Second Shelf
000043Vickers, Nancy Les Sorcieres De Chanterelles$ 2.50Second Shelf
000045Duane, DianeSpiderman the Lizard Sanction$ 10.00Second Shelf
000046Gallo, MaxThe Poster in History$ 25.00Top Shelf
000047Manguel,, Alberto & Gianni GuadalupDICTIONARY OF IMAGINARY PLACES Expanded Edition$ 45.00Top Shelf
000048Vachss, AndrewBATMAN The Ultimate Evil$ 10.00Second Shelf
000051Bach, RichardStranger to the Ground$ 19.95Second Shelf
000055Sarfati, SoniaLa Comedienne Disparue$ 6.50Flat 22
000058Koontz, Dean Dark Rivers of the Heart$ 8.00Second Shelf
000060Saul, John Black Lightning$ 6.00Second Shelf
000063Saul, JohnSleepwalk$ 6.00Second Shelf
000065Reynolds, Ty (ed)That's a Good Question, Canada$ 6.00Second Shelf
000067Vance,JackTo Live Forever$ 5.75Flat 33
000068Leinster, MurrayDoctor to the Stars$ 5.75Flat 22
000069Richler, MordecaiSon of a Smaller Hero$ 3.50Flat 22
000070Rampa, LobsangThe Third Eye$ 6.00Flat 22
000072Phillips, MarkThe Impossibles$ 5.75Flat 22
000073Rackham , John / Philip E. HighThe Double Invaders / These Savage Futurians$ 9.00Flat 22
000074Budrys, AlgisThe Falling Torch$ 5.75Flat 33
000075Kutner, HenryThe Time Axis$ 8.75Flat 22
000076Bradley, Marion ZimmerThe Bloody Sun$ 14.50Flat1
000078Delany, Samuel R. / Emil PetajaCity of a Thousand Suns$ 7.75Flat 22
000079Blish, JamesESP Er (Jack of Eagles)$ 9.75Flat 22
000080Cummings, RayBeyond the Stars$ 7.75Flat 22
000081Norton, AndreStorm Over Warlock$ 9.75Flat 22
000082Wookcott, KeithThe Martian Sphinx$ 8.75Flat 22
000083Gordon , RexUtopia Minus X$ 8.50Flat 22
000084Wells, H. G.When the Sleeper Wakes$ 14.00Flat 22
000085Cummings, RayBrigands of the Moon$ 8.50Flat 23
000086Campbell, John W.Islands of Space$ 8.75Flat 23
000087Van Vogt, A.E.The World of Null-A$ 7.75Flat 23
000088Van Vogt, A.E.The Pawns of null-A$ 8.75Flat 23
000089Williamson Jack / James E. GunnStar Bridge$ 9.75Flat 23
000090Anderson, Poul,/ Tucker WilsonEarthman, go Home / to the Tombaugh Station$ 10.00Flat 23
000092Wollheim, Donald A. (editorAdventures in the Far Future / Tales of Outer Space$ 9.75Flat 23
000093Delany, Samuel R. / Emil PetajaThe Ballad of Beta-2 / Alpha Yes, Terra No!$ 9.75Flat 23
000094Bulmer, Kenneth / Alan SchwartzThe Key to Irunium / The Wandering Tellurian$ 9.75Flat 22
000095St. Clair, Margaret / Margaret St. ClairMessage from the Eocene / Three Worlds of Futurity$ 6.75Flat 23
000096Chandler, A. BertramThe Coils of Time / Into the Alternate Universe$ 10.50Flat1
000097Shaw, Frederick L. Jr. / Walt & Leigh RichmondEnvoy to the Dog Star / Shock Wave$ 9.50Flat 23
000098Fox , Gardner F. / John BrunnerThe Arsenal of Miracles / Endless Shadow$ 7.75Flat 23
000101Sullivan, TimV: The Florida Project$ 5.75Flat 23
000102Wold, AllenV: The Crivit Experiment$ 5.75Flat 23
000103Wold, AllenV: The Pursuit of Diana$ 5.75Flat 23
000106Leinster, MurrayOperation Outer Space$ 5.75Flat 33
000107Neville, KrisThe Unearth People$ 5.75Flat 23
000109Smith, Edward E.The Skylark of Space$ 14.00Flat 23
000110Moudy, WalterNo Man on Earth$ 4.75Flat 23
000111Oliver, ChadUnearthly Neighbors$ 7.75Flat 22
000112Oliver, ChadShadows in the Sun$ 6.95Flat 22
000115Derleth , August (editor)Beyond Time and Space$ 6.25Flat 20
000117Leinster, MurrayThe Greks Bring Gifts$ 8.75Flat 20
000118Van Vogt, A. E.The Beast $ 5.75Flat 20
000120Guralnick, PeterLast Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley$ 9.50Second Shelf
000121Phillips,Louis and Burnham HolmesTV Almanac$ 7.25Second Shelf
000122Marill, Alvin H.Katharine Hepburn$ 8.50Second Shelf
000123Vermilye, JerryCary Grant$ 8.50Second Shelf
000126Hraham, PeterThe New Wave$ 19.50Second Shelf
000127Smurthwaite, NickThe Meryl Streep Story$ 19.50Top Shelf
000128Mary Kay Blakely & Gloria Kaufman (editors)Pulling Our Own Strings$ 9.50Top Shelf
000129Exposure: Canadian Contemporary Photographers$ 19.50Top Shelf
000130Nicholls, PeterThe Science in Science Fiction$ 25.95Top Shelf
000132Farrand, PhilThe Nitpicker's Guide for X-Philes$ 9.50Second Shelf
000133Spelling, AaronAaron Spelling$ 10.50Second Shelf
000134Essoe, Gabe and Raymond LeeDemille The Man and His Pictures$ 12.00Second Shelf
000136Howard ,Sprague De Camp and Lin CarterConan the Wanderer$ 7.50Flat 20
000137Howard / L. Sprague De CampConan the Usurper$ 4.753rd Box ABE
000141Wood, Ian and RobinAntonioni$ 15.00Second Shelf
000142Wilde, DavidFriends$ 7.50Second Shelf
000143Waldron, VinceClassic Sitcoms$ 10.50Second Shelf
000144Jones, D. B.Movies and Memoranda$ 15.50Second Shelf
000146Halliday, Brett Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Moment of Fear$ 5.00Second Shelf
000147Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine$ 5.00Second Shelf
000148Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine$ 5.00Second Shelf
000149Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine$ 5.00Second Shelf
000150Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine$ 5.00Second Shelf
000151Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine$ 3.00Second Shelf
000152Cronin, A. J. A Pocketful of Rye$ 10.00Second Shelf
000153Grierson, Edward Dark Torrent of Glencoe$ 8.00Second Shelf
000155Kuban, SheilaDance Into Danger$ 5.50Second Shelf
000167Kincaid, KatherineWindsong$ 3.50Flat 22
000168O'Day-Flannery, ConstanceOnce in a Lifetime$ 3.50Flat 22
000169Canham, MarshaThe Pride of Lions$ 4.00Flat 21
000171Barbieri, ElaineWishes on the Wind$ 4.00Flat 22
000174Simon, LauraGarden of Dreams$ 3.50Flat 21
000175Crichton, MichaelTimeline$ 4.50Flat 21
000177Brite, Poppy Z.Courtney Love : The Real Story$ 8.00Second Shelf
000178Barnstone, Willis (editor)The Other Bible$ 24.00Second Shelf
000179Nattel, LilianThe River Midnight : A Novel$ 8.00Second Shelf
000180Reid AngusShakedown : How the New Economy Is Changing Our Lives$ 9.95Second Shelf
000182Burnham, SophyA Book of Angels : Reflections on Angels Past and Present and True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives$ 7.00Second Shelf
000183George, ElizabethIn Pursuit of the Proper Sinner$ 10.00Second Shelf
000184Hess, ElizabethLost & Found : Dogs, Cats & Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter$ 9.50Second Shelf
000187Munro, AliceSomething I've Been Meaning to Tell You$ 7.00Second Shelf
000190Marysmith, JoanHoly Aspic$ 3.00Second Shelf
000191Wert, Jeffry D.Mosby's Rangers$ 10.00Second Shelf
000192Beaton, M. C.Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham (Agatha Raisin Mysteries Ser., Vol. 8)$ 15.00Second Shelf
000194Adams, JaneAngel Gateway$ 7.50Second Shelf
000195Macomber, DebbieThe Christmas Basket$ 7.00Second Shelf
000196Foster, LoriToo Much Temptation$ 7.50Second Shelf
000197Dodd, Christina; Brockway, ConnieOnce upon a Pillow : The Autobiography of a Bed$ 6.50Second Shelf
000198Sandler, Martin W.Civil War (Library of Congress Bk.)$ 13.00Top Shelf
000200Evans, Richard PaulThe Letter (Christmas Box Trilogy Ser.)$ 5.00Second Shelf
000202Leroux, GastonThe Phantom of the Opera (Reprints Ser.)$ 4.00Second Shelf
000204Tapp , Dr.David. A.R. And Dr E. EditorsThe Mummy's Tale$ 24.50Top Shelf
000206Edwards, I. E.Tutankhamun : His Tomb and Its Treasures$ 14.50Top Shelf
000207Silverman, David P.Masterpieces of Tutankhamun$ 14.75Top Shelf
000208Grant, R. G.; Lloyd-Davies, VictoriaWinston Churchill$ 15.00Top Shelf
000209Briskin, Jacqueline C'est Ecrit Dans Le Ciel$ 8.00Second Shelf
000211Rome-Abgrall, Marion Le Tireur De Sable$ 7.00Second Shelf
000212Montalembert, Hugues De La Lumiere Assassinee$ 7.00Second Shelf
000214Colodny, Len; Gettlin, RobertSilent Coup : The Removal of Richard Nixon$ 9.50Second Shelf
000215George, MargaretThe Memoirs of Cleopatra : A Novel$ 10.00Second Shelf
000216Foster, Denison, Donovan, Kauffman, Kent and WarrenMuskets to Missles$ 14.50Top Shelf
000217Brown, SandraRiley in the Morning$ 5.50Second Shelf
000218Lindsey, JohannaAll I Need Is You$ 7.50Second Shelf
000219Boar, Roger & Nigel BlundellThe World's Greatest Spies & Spymasters$ 5.50Second Shelf
000222Brownstein, BillSex Carnival : Travels in the World of Porn$ 9.50Second Shelf
000225Wollheim Donald A. (editor]The 1990 Annual World's Best Sf$ 7.75Second Shelf
000226Roberts, Wess; Ross, BillMake It So : Leadership Lessons from Star Trek: The Next Generation$ 11.75Dan's House
000227Goodwin, GodfreyOttoman Turkey : Islamic Architecture$ 14.50Top Shelf
000230Letts, Billie La Petite Voix Du Coeur$ 9.00Second Shelf
000231Arthur Tress : Talisman$ 30.00Top Shelf
000232Tad BurnessAuto Album 2$ 7.50Second Shelf
000234Corsin, Andre Le Retour D'adam$ 7.00Second Shelf
000235Iglesias, JulioEntre Le Ciel et L'enfer$ 5.00Second Shelf
000236Rousseau, Francois olivier La Gare De Wannsee$ 10.00Second Shelf
000237Deforges, RegineSur Les Bords De La Gartempe$ 8.00Second Shelf
000238Kenize MouradDe La Part De La Princesse Morte$ 9.00Second Shelf
000239Coelho, PauloLa Riviere Piedra$ 6.00Second Shelf
000241Maupin, ArmisteadTales of the City (Tales of the City Ser., Vol. 1)$ 7.00Second Shelf
000243Johnson, Robert A.She : Understanding Feminine Psychology$ 5.50Second Shelf
000244Walker, Robert MatthewDavid Bowie : Theatre of Music$ 11.50Second Shelf
000245Barr mcCutcheon, GeorgeA Fool and His Money$ 12.00Second Shelf
000247Carl Von PidollBeethoven Eroica, Le Roman D'un Genie $ 5.00Flat 23
000248La VarendeLes Belles Esclaves $ 6.00Second Shelf
000249Martin, Beverly S.La Reine De Broadway$ 8.50Second Shelf
000250UnknownGame Plan God's Play Book for Life$ 7.00Second Shelf
000253Bailyn, BernardThe Peopling of British North America : An Introduction$ 6.50Second Shelf
000254Hearn, LianAcross the Nightingale Floor (Tales of the Otori Trilogy, Bk. 1)$ 9.50Second Shelf
000256Johnson, Paul E.A Shopkeeper's Millennium : Society and Revivals in Rochester, New York, 1815-1837 (American Century Ser.)$ 7.00Second Shelf
000257Mark, Robert; Portugal, BuddyVictories of the Heart : The Inside Story of a Pioneer Men's Group$ 7.50Second Shelf
000260Roberts, NoraThe Sanctuary$ 5.00Flat 26
000263Sandford, JohnMortal Prey$ 5.00Flat 26
000264Spencer, LavyrleTwice Loved$ 3.50Flat 26
000266Grisham, JohnThe Summons$ 4.00Flat 26
000267Hunter, StephenTime to Hunt$ 5.00Flat 26
000268Harris, RobertArchangel$ 5.00Flat 26
000269Sandford, JohnThe Devil's Code$ 4.00Flat 26
000270Fletcher, AaronWallaby Track (Outback Sagas Ser.)$ 3.50Flat 26
000271Mortman, DorisRightfully Mine$ 3.25Flat 26
000272Smythe, SheridonA Perfect Fit (Time of Your Life Ser.)$ 3.00Flat 26
000274Patterson, James; De Jonge, PeterThe Beach House$ 5.00Flat 26
000276Miller, Linda LaelThe Last Chance Cafe$ 5.50Flat 26
000277Brown, SandraBittersweet Rain$ 5.50Flat 26
000280Bennett, ElizabethHeart and Soul$ 3.50Flat 27
000281Garlock, DorothyA Gentle Giving$ 4.00Flat 27
000284Lockridge, F. & R.Mr. & Mrs. North and the Poisoned Playboy$ 5.00Flat 27
000286McKenna, LindsayDestiny's Woman$ 3.50Flat 26
000290Graham, HeatherThe Viking's Woman$ 3.50Flat 26
000291Graham, HeatherQueen of Hearts$ 3.50Flat 27
000292Graham, HeatherEvery Time I Love You$ 3.50Flat 27
000293Bretton, BarbaraBundle of Joy (Harlequin American Romance Ser., No. 393)$ 3.00Flat 27
000294Coulter, CatherineThe Cove$ 4.50Flat 27
000295Baxter, Mary L.Texas Heat : Slow Burn; Baby Makes Perfect; Everything but Time$ 4.50Flat 27
000296Sutcliffe, KatherineJezebel$ 4.50Flat 27
000297Kyle, SusanAfter Midnight$ 3.75Flat 27
000298Quick, AmandaSurrender$ 3.25Flat 27
000300Appignanesi, LisaSanctuary$ 4.50Flat 25
000301Borchardt, AliceThe Silver Wolf$ 5.00Flat 27
000302Gutman, AmyEquivocal Death$ 5.00Flat 27
000303Kava, AlexA Perfect Evil$ 4.00Flat 27
000309Plunkett, SusanRemember Love (Time Passages Ser.)$ 3.52Flat 28
000312Berg, ElizabethThe Pull of the Moon$ 4.50Flat 28
000314McNally, ClareStage Fright$ 5.00Flat 28
000318Henley, VirginiaThe Hawk and the Dove$ 3.50Flat 25
000319Hynd, NoelRage of Spirits$ 3.25Flat 25
000322Anderson, Kevin J.Ground Zero$ 4.25Flat 25
000323Anderson, Kevin J.Ruins (X-Files Ser., Vol. 4)$ 3.95Flat 25
000324Lorrah, Jean; Stern, Dave (editor)Survivors (Star Trek Ser.: The Next Generation, No. 4)$ 3.75Flat 25
000326Taylor, JeriUnification (Star Trek Ser.: The Next Generation)$ 3.25Flat 25
000327Wallace, DanielStar Wars : The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons (Star Wars: Essential Guides)$ 11.95Top Shelf
000329Mangels, AndyStar Wars : The Essential Guide to Characters (Star Wars: Essential Guides)$ 9.95Top Shelf
000331HarperCollins StaffX-Files (Set) (X-Files Ser.)$ 9.95Second Shelf
000333Lowry, Brian; Created by Chris Carter (editor)Trust No One, The X-Files : The Official Third Season Guide$ 7.50Third Shelf
000334Bled, Edouard J'avais Un an En 1900$ 7.50Third Shelf
000335Jacoby, James; Jacoby, Mary Z.The New York Times Book of Backgammon$ 5.50Third Shelf
000336B. C. S. P. C. A. StaffHow I Learned to Speak Dog : Collected by the British Columbia S.P.C.A$ 9.00Third Shelf
000337McKenna, ShannonBehind Closed Doors$ 8.00Third Shelf
000338Johnson, SusanAgain and Again$ 8.00Third Shelf
000339Johnson, Susan; Devine, Thea; O'Neal, KatherineTaken by Surprise : Three Tales of Erotic Romance$ 8.00Third Shelf
000341Stasheff, ChristopherMy Son, the Wizard (Wizard in Rhyme Ser., No. 5)$ 6.75Third Shelf
000342Pope, CaroleAnti Diva : An Autobiography$ 25.00Third Shelf
000343Irving, John L'Hotel New Hampshire$ 10.00Third Shelf
000345Siegel, JanProspero's Children$ 9.95Third Shelf
000346Paquette, Jacques L'ours Noir D'amerique Prince Des Tenebres$ 10.00Third Shelf
000350Analog Science Fiction / Science Fact 1972$ 15.00Basement
000351Analog Science Fiction / Science Fact 1975$ 15.00Basement
000352Bach, RichardAnalog Science Fiction / Science Fact 1974$ 16.50Basement Shelf
000353Analog Science Fiction / Science Fact April 1977$ 2.00Basement
000354Van Royen, AstridAwake Monique$ 3.50Flat 23
000355Cooper, EdmundA Far Sunset$ 5.75Flat 23
000357Wescott, GlenwayApartment in Athens$ 5.50Flat 23
000358Tucker, WilsonMan from Tomorrow (previously Released as Wild Talent.)$ 7.75Flat 23
000359O'hara, JohnPal Joey$ 6.00Flat 23
000360Georges SimenonThe Witnesses$ 4.50Flat 23
000363Collins, Max Allan; Beatty, Terry; Connor, Jim (editor)Ms. Tree$ 3.00Flat 23
000364Bruno FischerFools Walk in$ 4.00Flat 23
000366Camus, AlbertCaligula$ 5.00Flat 23
000367Camus, AlbertLa Peste$ 5.00Flat 23
000368Conan, DoyleVallee de la peur$ 5.00Flat 23
000369Ayme MarcelLa Tete Des Autres$ 5.00Flat 23
000370Watson, JudeApprentis Jedi, tome 5$ 5.00Flat 23
000371Schultz, Charles M.Here's to You Charlie Brown$ 3.75Flat 23
000374Max BraithwaiteThe Night We Stole the Mountie's Car$ 3.75Flat 23
000375Sam LevensonEverything But Money$ 4.25Flat 23
000376Votre Enfant et Vous$ 4.50Flat 23
000379Jane FergusonA Book of Disasters$ 5.00Flat 23
000380S. N. DasguptaHindu Mysticism$ 6.00Flat 27
000382Andre HodeirJazz Its Evolution and Essence$ 5.00Flat 23
000385Victor HugoHernani$ 5.00Flat 24
000386Germaine GreerThe Female Eunuch$ 7.00Flat 24
000387Houdini, HarryMiracle Mongers$ 10.00Big Flat 2
000388Wolf, Jack C. And Barbara H. (editors)Tales of the Occult$ 5.25Flat 24
000390Anness Publishing StaffJuggling and Feats of Dexterity : Amazing Acts of Skill and Subtlety for the Domestic Arena (Pocket Entertainments Ser.)$ 6.50Flat 24
000391Curtis, Edward S.Native American Wisdom (Miniature Editions Ser.)$ 5.50Flat 24
000396John SteinbeckTo a God Unknown$ 3.50Flat 24
000399Mayer, FrederickWeb of Hate$ 5.00Flat 24
000403Southern, Terry with Mason HoffenbergCandy$ 4.50Flat 24
000405Georges Mongredien (notes and intoduction)Moliere Oeuvres Completes Tome2$ 5.00Flat 24
000406Clark, Mary HigginsTu M'appartiens$ 5.50Flat 24
000413SourianMiri$ 5.50Flat 24
000417Stern, KellyLovin' Feelings$ 3.50Flat 24
000420Greenwood, Ed & Jeff GrubbqCormyr $ 6.25Flat 24
000421Odom, MelLa Bibliotheque Perdue De Cormanthyr$ 5.75Flat 24
000424MarcantourLes Demons De La Nuit$ 5.00Big Flat 2
000425Desrosiers, SylvieLe Mystere du Lac Carre (Roman Jeunesse Ser.)$ 5.00Flat 24
000426Carrier, RochLa Guerre, Yes Sir!$ 5.00Flat 24
000429Phaidon Press EditorThe Mini-Art Book$ 10.50Big Flat 2
000430Phaidon Press EditorsThe 20th-Century Art Book$ 10.50Big Flat 2
000431Norton, AndreThe Time Traders$ 5.50Flat 24
000432Roberts, John M.Conan the Bold (Conan Ser.)$ 4.00Flat 24
000433Roberts, John M.Conan the Marauder$ 3.50Flat 25
000435Camp, L. Sprague De, & L. CarterConan Le Barbare$ 5.50Flat 24
000436Chamberlain, WilliamTrumpets of Company K$ 5.00Flat 25
000437Anthony, PiersThousandstar (The Cluster Ser., No. 4)$ 5.00Flat 25
000438Laumer, KeithRetief in the Ruins (Retief Ser.)$ 5.75Flat 25
000439Treece, HenryThe Eagle King$ 4.25Flat 25
000441Rostand, EdmondCyrano de Bergerac$ 8.50Flat 25
000442Dumas, AlexandreLa Reine Margot$ 8.75Flat 25
000444Hugo, VictorNotre-Dame de Paris$ 10.00Flat 25
000445Daniels, DorothyDarkhaven$ 2.50Flat 25
000446Hooper, AnneThe Pocket Sex Guide$ 6.00Flat 25
000447Wallace, William N.Sailing: A Guide to Handling, Equipping, Maintaining and Buying the Small Sailboat$ 3.00Big Flat 2
000448Wenzel, Bill and Cornelius WohlHow to Make a Good Airline Stewardess$ 5.25Flat 24
000449Bryant, Traphes; Leighton, Frances S.Dog Days at the White House$ 5.00Flat 24
000450Kearns, DorisL. B. J. and the American Dream$ 5.75Flat 25
000451HistoryThe Impeachment of Richard Nixon$ 5.75Flat 25
000452Newman, Peter C.True North Not Strong and Free$ 5.00Flat 25
000453Jacq, ChristianPaneb l ardent, 3. La pierre de Lumiere.: ( Tb)$ 9.50Flat 25
000454Cain, James M.Au-dela Du Deshonneur$ 5.00Flat 25
000455Wood, ChristopherJames Bond and Moonraker$ 5.00Flat 25
000457Ellison, HarlanThe Glass Teat : Essays of Opinion on the Subject of Television$ 14.50Flat 25
000458Ellison, HarlanThe Deadly Streets (The Ace Ellison Ser.)$ 12.50Flat 25
000459Anthony, PiersSOS the Rope$ 5.00Flat 25
000460Hoyle, FredOctober the First is Too Late$ 39.95Third Shelf
000463Guiley, Rosemary EllenLovelines$ 9.95Top Shelf
000464Scully, VincentArchitecture: The Natural and the Manmade$ 19.50Top Shelf
000466Wallechinsky, DavidThe Complete Book of the Olympics$ 40.50Top Shelf
000467Fowler, R.b.The World of Chick?$ 14.00Top Shelf
000468Killanin, Lord and John Rodda (editors)The Olympic Games: 80 Years of People, Events and Records$ 10.52Top Shelf
000469Wilkinson, Jack (editorRules of the Game: The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of All the Sports of the World.$ 14.75Top Shelf
000471Devine, TheaDesired$ 8.50Third Shelf
000473Holly, EmmaFigures of Speech : Sixty Ways to Turn a Phrase$ 8.00Third Shelf
000474Johnson, SusanPure Silk$ 9.25Third Shelf
000476Palmer, HelenThe Enneagram : Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life$ 9.00Shelving
000477Jackson, James O.Dzerzhinsky Square$ 9.00Shelving
000479Foster, LoriUnexpected$ 10.00Shelving
000480Foster, Denison, Donovan, Kauffman, Kent and WarrenJingle Bell Rock$ 7.50Big Flat12
000481Kaufman, Warren FosterBad Boys on Board$ 7.50Big Flat12
000482Taormino, Tristan (editor)Best Lesbian Erotica, 1998$ 10.00Shelving
000483Johnson, SusanForce Of Nature$ 8.50Big Flat12
000484Foster, LoriNever Too Much$ 8.00Shelving
000485Warren, NancyDrive Me Crazy$ 10.00Shelving
000492Sickman-Garner, PeteHey, Mister : The Fall Collection$ 14.00Tpbks
000495Collins, Max Allan; Beatty, Terry; Connor, Jim (editor)On the Road to Perdition Sanctuary$ 7.50Tpbks
000500Young, LarryAstronauts in Trouble : Live from the Moon$ 12.95Tpbks
000501Desperadoes : Quiet of the Grave$ 13.95Tpbks
000504Lee, Jim; Lobdell, ScottDivine Right (Vol. 2)$ 15.95Tpbks
000506Lloyd, Joan ElizabethNever Enough$ 13.00Shelving
000507Cattrall, Kim; Levinson, MarkSatisfaction : The Art of the Female Orgasm$ 19.95Top Shelf
000508Klepper, Michael M.I'd Rather Die Than Give a Speech$ 10.00Shelving
000509Harron, MarthaDon Harron : A Parent Contradiction$ 10.00Shelving
000510Newman, Peter C.Titans : How the New Canadian Establishment Seized Power$ 14.75Shelving
000511Atkins, Robert C.; Gare, FranDr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook : Mouth-Watering Meals to Accompany the Most Effective Diet Ever Devised$ 8.50Second Shelf
000512Atkins, Robert C.Atkins for Life : The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss and Good Health$ 14.50Top Shelf
000513DuBOUTCorridas$ 19.00Top Shelf
000514Dargaud S.a. EditeurLes Grands De Tous Les Temps Gengis Khan$ 10.00Top Shelf
000515CollectifL'amerique Centrale et Les Antilles$ 7.00Top Shelf
000516L'oceanie$ 10.00Top Shelf
000517Palowski, FranciszekWitness: The Making of Schindler's List$ 19.50Third Shelf
000518Lever, Evelyne; Temerson, Catherine (translator)Marie Antoinette :The Last Queen of France $ 14.95Third Shelf
000519Coomer, JoeApologizing to Dogs : A Novel$ 10.00Third Shelf
000522From Emperor to Citizen : The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro PuYi$ 9.50Third Shelf
000524Yoshimura, Naboru; Anderson, Philip W.Inside the Kaisha : Demystifying Japanese Business Behavior$ 19.50Third Shelf
000525Patterson, James; De Jonge, PeterViolets are Blue$ 15.50Third Shelf
000526Pelton, Robert Young; Aral, Coskun; Dulles, Wink; Kramer, Jack; Knoles, Kathy (editor)Robert Young Pelton's the World's Most Dangerous Places (Travel Guides Ser.)$ 13.00Third Shelf
000527Bandini, FrancoLes Dernieres Heures De Mussolini$ 9.00Third Shelf
000528Nadas, PeterEnd of a Family Story$ 6.50Third Shelf
000530Brunner, Kurt D.Finding God in the Lord of the Rings$ 6.50Third Shelf
000531Hurley, GrahamPermissible Limits$ 4.25Third Shelf
000532Lau, EvelynFresh Girls and Other Stories (A Saturday Night Book Ser.)$ 6.00Third Shelf
000533Stern, Daniel N.Diary of a Baby : What Your Child Sees, Feels, and Experiences$ 7.50Third Shelf
000535Highwater, JamakeRama : A Legend$ 8.75Third Shelf
000536Gabaldon, DianaLord John and the Private Matter$ 15.00Third Shelf
000538Carosella, CynthiaWho's Afraid of the Dark?$ 7.50Third Shelf
000539Norden, Michael J.Beyond Prozac : Antidotes for Modern Times$ 7.50Third Shelf
000549Greenslade, FrancesPilgrim in Ireland : A Quest for Home$ 14.50Third Shelf
000550Seymour, JimJim Seymour's on the Road$ 5.50Top Shelf
000551Sex Gangs$ 20.00Top Shelf
000552Wallechinsky, DavidThe Complete Book of the Olympics$ 10.00Top Shelf
000553Penczak, ChristopherThe Inner Temple of Witchcraft : Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development$ 14.75Top Shelf
000554Hogg, JamesPrivate Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner$ 5.00Third Shelf
000555Eingeleitet Von Siegfried Von VegesackBayerischer Wald$ 5.50Top Shelf
000556Eisenstein, Sergei M.; Marshall, Herbert (translator)Immoral Memories$ 8.00Top Shelf
000557Yolen, JaneThe Prince of Egypt : Classic Edition$ 7.00Top Shelf
000558Gun Trader's Guide$ 9.00Top Shelf
000559Peterson; ElmanThe Great Guns$ 12.50Top Shelf
000560Flayderman, Norm (editor)Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms...& Their Values$ 10.00Top Shelf
000561Gentry, Christine; Gibson-Downs, SallyGreenberg's Guide to Star Trek Collectibles (Vol. 3: Posters-Z)$ 15.00Top Shelf
000563Rosa, Joseph G. & Robin MayAn Illustrated History of Guns and Small Arms$ 15.00Top Shelf
000564Nicholson, JeffNicholson's Small Press Tirade$ 6.00Top Shelf
000565Hancock, Larry; Cherkas, MichaelSecret Affairs (The Silent Invasion Ser., No. 1)$ 8.95Top Shelf
000566Hancock, Larry; Cherkas, MichaelThe Silent Invasion : Tarnished Dreams (Silent Invasion Ser., No. 3)$ 9.95Top Shelf
000568Gibson, WilliamNeuromancer$ 24.75Third Shelf
000570Ford, CharlesDouglas Fairbanks Ou La Nostalgie De Hollywood$ 7.00Third Shelf
000571Patterson, James; De Jonge, PeterCradle and All$ 10.50Third Shelf
000572Doyle, RoddyBarrytown Trilogy$ 20.00Third Shelf
000573Archer, NathanMars Attacks Bk. 1 : Martian Deathtrap (Mars Attacks Ser., Vol. 1)$ 9.75Third Shelf
000574Murrill, Ray W.Mars Attacks Bk. 2 : War Dogs of the Golden Horde$ 7.75Third Shelf
000575Carrier, Roch; Fischman, Sheila (translator)Heartbreaks along the Road (Translation from French of de L'Amour dans sa Ferraille)$ 20.00Third Shelf
000577Foster, Alan Dean; Russell, Eric FrankDesign for Great-Day$ 14.75Third Shelf
000592Prather, Richard S.The Amber Effect$ 10.00Third Shelf
000593Waxman, AlThat's What I Am$ 15.00
000595Niven, LarryThe Ringworld Throne$ 9.95Third Shelf
000596Nizer, LouisCatspaw : One Man's Ordeal by Trials$ 12.00Third Shelf
000597Duane, DianeThe Lizard Sanction (Spider-Man Ser.)$ 10.00Third Shelf
000600Hunter, Jennifer21st Century Wicca : A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life$ 13.00
000601McLelland, LilithThe Salem Witches' Book of Love Spells$ 9.75Third Shelf
000604McCoy, EdainCeltic Myth and Magick (World Religion and Magic Ser.)$ 14.75Third Shelf
000607Ferguson, Anna-MarieA Keeper of Words : Accompanying Book to Legend: The Arthurian Tarot$ 15.00Third Shelf
000621Gen 13 Bootleg$ 11.00Tpbks
000641Clancy, TomRed Rabbit$ 6.50
000642Davis, Patrick A.A Slow Walk to Hell (No. 2)$ 5.50Flat 21
000643Forbes, LeslieFish, Blood and Bone$ 6.00Flat 22
000644Griffin, W. E. B.Final Justice : A Badge of Honor Novel$ 6.75Flat 21
000645Topol, AllanConspiracy$ 6.00Flat 21
000646Brockmann, SuzanneGone Too Far$ 6.50Flat 21
000647Burke, JanNine$ 6.50Flat 21
000649Patterson, James; De Jonge, PeterBlack Friday$ 5.75Flat 21
000653Morton, Andrew; Rubenstein, Julie (editor); Peters, Sally (editor)Diana : Her True Story in Her Own Words$ 5.50Flat 21
000655Michener, JamesTales of the South Pacific : Our Heroine$ 5.00Flat 21
000656Coben, HarlenNo Second Chance$ 6.50Flat 21
000658Quindlen, AnnaBlack and Blue : A Novel$ 5.50Flat 21
000659French, NicciBeneath the Skin$ 6.00Flat 22
000663Ground Zero (The Incredible Hulk Ser.)$ 17.00Tpbks
000664Transformations (The Incredible Hulk Ser.)$ 17.00Tpbks
000692Collins, Max Allan; Beatty, Terry; Connor, Jim (editor)Road to Perdition$ 5.50Flat 10
000693Evans, Richard PaulThe Last Promise$ 4.50Flat 7
000694Humphreys, C. C.Jack Absolute$ 5.50Flat 8
000696Higgins, JackThe Graveyard Shift$ 6.00Flat 10
000697Clark, Carol HigginsJinxed$ 5.00Flat 6
000698Higgins, JackCold Harbour$ 5.50Flat 6
000700Rovin, JeffSea of Fire (Op-Center Ser.)$ 5.50Flat 6
000703Bond, StephanieKill the Competition$ 5.00Flat 6
000706Higgins, JackBad Company$ 5.50Flat 6
000710Brown, SandraNot Even for Love$ 4.50Flat 5
000715Lankford, TerrillShooters$ 5.00Flat 9
000716Ashley, AmandaA Whisper of Eternity$ 5.00Flat 7
000717Chong, KevinBaroque a Nova$ 5.00Flat 10
000718Ryan, CharlesLightning Strike$ 5.00Flat 8
000719Walters, MinetteThe Shape of Snakes$ 5.50Flat 8
000720Francis, DickWild Horses$ 4.50Flat 8
000721Ludlum, RobertThe Janson Directive$ 5.75Flat 9
000722Roberts, NoraLawless$ 4.75Flat 9
000723Muller, MarciaCyanide Wells$ 5.50Flat 9
000724Barnes, LindaThe Snake Tattoo (Carlotta Carlyle Ser.)$ 5.00Flat 12
000725Grafton, SueA is for Alibi$ 5.00Flat 11
000726Grafton, SueB is for Burglar$ 5.00Flat 11
000728Clark, Mary HigginsThe Second Time Around$ 5.50Flat 11
000729Delinsky, BarbaraThree Wishes$ 5.00Flat 12
000730Clark, Mary HigginsLet Me Call You Sweetheart$ 5.75Flat 12
000734Cornwell, PatriciaSouthern Cross$ 5.50Flat 20
000735Clancy, TomTom Clancy's Power Plays$ 5.75Flat 15
000737Biehl, MichaelDoctored Evidence$ 5.50Flat 15
000738Robbins, David L.Last Citadel : A Novel of the Battle of Kursk$ 4.75Flat 20
000739King, JackThe Fifth Internationale$ 5.50Flat 20
000740Marshall, EdisonThe White Brigand$ 4.50Flat 2
000741Coxe, George HarmonThe Camera Clue$ 5.00Flat 2
000742Lehman, Paul EvanPassion in the Dust$ 5.00Flat 3
000743Dickson, Carter (Pseudonym of John Dickson Carr)The White Priory Murders (Sir Henry Merrivalle)$ 5.00Flat 3
000744Sherry, John OldenThe Departure$ 8.25Flat 5
000745Disney, Dorothy CameronThe Balcony$ 4.50Flat 2
000746Lay, Margaret RebeccaCeylun$ 6.50Flat 3
000747Wentworth, Patricia, Aka Dora Amy Dillon Turnbull)The Case of William Smith (A Miss Silver Mystery)$ 9.00Flat 8
000751Brown, DaleAir Battle Force$ 5.50Flat 20
000753Young, Robert F.Eridahn$ 5.25Flat 12
000755Starlog Group StaffFangoria Masters of Horror$ 5.50Flat 20
000756Koontz, DeanThe Face$ 6.50Flat 20
000757King, StephenFour Past Midnight$ 6.00Flat 20
000758Spring, MichelleIn the Midnight Hour$ 5.00Flat 20
000760Coulter, CatherineEleventh Hour : An FBI Thriller$ 5.00Flat 20
000763Broadrick, Annette; Davis, JustineLove Child : Where There Is Love; Upon the Storm$ 5.00Flat 20
000764Dupree, MadrisMy Lord Beaumont (Harlequin Intrigue Ser.)$ 2.50Flat 20
000765Quick, AmandaSeduction$ 3.25Flat 20
000774Spider-Man : Quality of Life$ 12.00Tpbks
000791Stern, RogerSpider-Man : Revenge of the Green Goblin$ 16.95Tpbks
000799Morinaga, AiDuck Prince Vol.2$ 9.99Tpbks
000806Luce, Henry (ed)Time capsule/1933$ 6.00Third Shelf
000807Luce, Henry (ed)Time capsule/1956$ 6.00Third Shelf
000808Luce, Henry (ed)Time capsule/1941$ 6.00Third Shelf
000809Bailly, AugusteCleopatre$ 35.00Third Shelf
000811Turner; RogersThe Benedictines in Britain$ 7.50Third Shelf
000812George, Jean CraigheadJulie's Wolf Pack (Julie of the Wolves Ser.)$ 10.00Third Shelf
000814Barthorp, MichaelThe Zulu War : A Pictorial History$ 11.50Third Shelf
000816Littleton, C. ScottMythology: The Illustrated Anthology of World Myth & Storytelling$ 70.00Top Shelf
000817Byham, William C.; Krauzer, Steven M.The Selection Solution : Solving the Mystery of Matching People to Jobs$ 10.00Third Shelf
000818Byham, William C.; Krauzer, Steven M.The Selection Solution : Solving the Mystery of Matching People to Jobs$ 10.00Third Shelf
000819Byham, William C.; Krauzer, Steven M.Heroz : Empower Yourself, Your Coworkers, Your Company$ 10.00Third Shelf
000821Shales, Tom; Miller, James AndrewLive from New York : An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live$ 18.00Third Shelf
000822Collins, JackieDeadly Embrace$ 15.00Third Shelf
000823Petit, ChristopherBack from the Dead$ 8.75Third Shelf
000824Carter, JudyThe Homo Handbook : Getting in Touch With Your Inner Homo $ 9.75Third Shelf
000829Assiniwi, Bernard; Grady, Wayne (translator)The Beothuk Saga$ 20.00Third Shelf
000831Cooney, Caroline B.For All Time$ 9.50Third Shelf
000832Harley, Willard F., Jr.Les Ecueils de l'Amour : Triomphez des Habitudes Qui Detruisent l'Amour Romantique$ 8.00Third Shelf
000833Addington, Jack EnsignLa Force Interieure$ 8.00Third Shelf
000834Fraser, LindaVegitarian: The Best - Ever Recipe Collection$ 15.00Top Shelf
000835Cutts, PaddyThe Complete Cat Book$ 20.00Top Shelf
000836Radeka, LynnForts and Battlefields of the Old West$ 14.50Top Shelf
000837Wood, DanielWolves$ 15.00Top Shelf
000847Lee, Stan; Claremont, ChrisBring Back the Bad Guys$ 24.99Tpbks
000866Consumer Guide EditorsThe Best, Worst, and Most Unusual Film Musicals$ 20.00Top Shelf
000867St. John, DickRock and Roll Cookbook: Favorite Recipes from the Chart Toppers, Hit Makers and Legends of Rock and Roll$ 9.50Third Shelf
000871Choi, Brandon; Gutierrez, PeterGrifter/Shi$ 30.00Big Flat8
000873Smullyan, RaymondLe Livre Qui Rend Fou$ 10.00Third Shelf
000875Kelley, KarenSouthern Comfort$ 8.75Third Shelf
000876Lees, GeneOscar Peterson: The Will to Swing$ 10.00Third Shelf
000878Sadamoto, YoshiyukiNeon Genesis Evangelion Vol.7$ 9.95Tpbks
000921Auger, MichelThe Biker Who Shot Me: Recollections of a Crime Reporter$ 10.50Third Shelf
000922Aucoin, PeterPolitics and Management of Restraint in Government$ 10.50Third Shelf
000923Barreau du Quebec; Chambre des notaires du QuebecLa Reforme Du Code Civil$ 15.00Third Shelf
000924Stevens, Talbot LeeFinancial Freedom Without Sacrifice : How to Cut Expenses, Invest and Increase Security Without Lowering Your Standard of Living$ 8.50Third Shelf
000925Swimmer, Gene; Thompson, MarkConflict or Compromise: The Future of Public Sector Industrial Relations$ 8.50Third Shelf
000926Weight Watchers InternationalWeight Watchers Quick and Easy Menu Cookbook : Over 250 Seasonal Recipes and Menus Based on The Quick Success Program$ 6.00Third Shelf
001011Buronson; Horie, NobuhikoFist of the Blue Sky$ 9.95Tpbks
001012Angelou, MayaWouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now$ 5.00Flat 1
001015Knaak, Richard A.The Well of Eternity$ 5.75Flat 1
001017AssortedIrreconcilable Differences$ 6.00Flat 1
001021Panov, Valery; Feifer, GeorgeTo Dance$ 5.50Flat 1
001030Rees, Nigel; Rushton, WilliamNudge Nudge, Wink Wink: A Quotebook of Love and Sex$ 5.50Flat 1
001033Dann, JackAngels$ 5.50Flat 1
001042Christy, G.Pastel Studio$ 15.00Top Shelf
001043Amnesty International Report 2001$ 10.00Top Shelf
001044Campbell, Dr. Anne - EditorThe Opposite Sex$ 15.00Top Shelf
001052Kieth, Sam; Keith, SamFour Women$ 17.95Tpbks
001056Monarchy: Bullets over Babylon$ 12.95Tpbks
001096Kaufman, GloriaPulling Our Own Strings: Feminist Humor & Satire$ 7.00Top Shelf
001097Inkeles, GordonThe New Sensual Massage$ 8.00Top Shelf
001098Coyne, Richard (editor)Communication Arts March April 1986$ 5.50Top Shelf
001099Trudeau, G. B.Doonesbury's Greatest Hits$ 7.00Basement Shelf
001124Thibert, ArtChrono Mechanics$ 6.95Tpbks
001125Ravenwolf, SilverTeen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation$ 9.75Top Shelf
001126Conway, D. J.Moon Magick: Myth & Magick, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spells$ 9.75Top Shelf
001127Freeman, Allyn; Golden, BobWhy Didn't I Think of That?: Bizarre Origins of Ingenius Inventions We Couldn't Live Without$ 9.50Top Shelf
001128Wheldon; Renoir, AugusteRenoir and His Art$ 11.00Top Shelf
001129Petzal, David E.Encyclopedia of Sporting Firearms$ 20.00Top Shelf
001130Ash, RussellThe Impressionists and Their Art$ 15.00Top Shelf
001131Renaud, BaudouinCode Civil Du Quebec Annote (Bulletins)$ 10.00Top Shelf
001132Great Tasting Stir-Fries And More$ 9.00Top Shelf
001133Disney, WaltPrince and the Pauper$ 7.50Top Shelf
001161Hecht, BenCount Bruga$ 5.50Third Shelf
001162Dixon, H. VernorSomething for Nothing$ 5.75Flat 2
001163Collins, MaryOnly the Good$ 6.75Flat 2
001165Crane, FrancesThe Indigo Necklace Murders$ 7.25Flat 2
001166Benet, JamesA Private Killing$ 5.50Flat 2
001167Heberden, M.v.They can't all be Guilty$ 5.50Flat 2
001169Goldthwaite, Eaton K.Root of Evil$ 7.75Flat 2
001170Dexter, JohnVirgins, Inc.$ 10.50Flat 2
001171CLoete, StuartTurning Wheels$ 7.50Flat 2
001172Weekley, William GeorgeCastaway Island (the Ledger of Lying dog)$ 7.50Flat 2
001173Arnold, EllottThe Commandos$ 7.50Flat 2
001174Feller, BobStrikeout Story$ 7.75Flat 2
001175Stone, ThomasCity Doctor$ 10.00Flat 2
001177Ramsland, KatherineThe Anne Rice Trivia Book$ 4.00Flat 2
001180Lessing, DorisThe Making of the Representative for Planet 8$ 4.50Flat 2
001182MARSAN StéphaneLA CATHEDRALE DES CIMES (les carnets de la constellation livre 2)$ 5.75Flat 2
001183Drake, Asa (also Writes as C. Dean Andersson )Werebeasts of Hel$ 5.25Flat 2
001184Asimov, Isaac2nd Foundation: Galactic Empire (Originally published as Second Foundation)$ 5.50Flat 2
001185Zelazny, RogerThe Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, and Other Stories$ 5.25Flat 2
001278Vornholt, JohnStar Trek the Next Generation: The Genesis Wave$ 9.95Third Shelf
001279Friedman, Michael JanAll Good Things...: A Novel$ 9.75Third Shelf
001280Carey, DianeStar Trek Voyager: Endgame$ 8.75Third Shelf
001281Bembenek, LawrenciaWoman on Trial$ 9.50Third Shelf
001283Johnson, CrockettBarnaby$ 74.95C129 Home
001284MADARA VOL. 2$ 9.50Tpbk
001289AssortedChildren of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz$ 9.50Third Shelf
001290Borgstedt, Doug & JeanThe Pet Set $ 7.75Third Shelf
001291Brunvand, Jan HaroldThe Baby Train: And Other Lusty Urban Legends$ 9.00Third Shelf
001292Wade, DonAnd Then Jack Said to Arnie...$ 7.50Third Shelf
001293Wade, DonAnd Then Arnie Told Chi Chi...: More Than 200 of the Best True Golf Stories$ 7.50Third Shelf
001294Welsh, IrvineTrainspotting$ 6.00Third Shelf
001295Rice, Peter L.Monsoon$ 5.25Third Shelf
001296Waitzkin, FredSearching for Bobby Fischer : The Father of a Prodigy Observes the World of Chess$ 7.50Third Shelf
001297Maney, Mabel; Maney, MableNancy Clue and the Hardly Boys in a Ghost in the Closet$ 8.00Third Shelf
001298Rodi, Robert; May, Elaine; Poiret, Jean Cage Aux FollesThe Birdcage: A Novel$ 6.00Third Shelf
001312Devine, TheaSatisfaction$ 8.00Third Shelf
001313Foster, Lori; McCarthy, Erin; Leigh, MorganBad Boys in Black Tie$ 8.00Third Shelf
001314Johnson, SusanHot Legs$ 8.00Third Shelf
001316Lagravanese, RichardThe Fisher King: The Book of the Film$ 9.00Third Shelf
001331MEE (Minoru Tachikawa)Hyper Police Vol. 2$ 9.99Tpbk
001333Dunwich, GerinaWicca Love Spells$ 8.25Third Shelf
001334Sheppard, SusanA Witch's Runes: How to Make and Use Your Own Magick Stones$ 8.25Third Shelf
001335Dunwich, GerinaA Wiccan's Guide to Prophecy and Divination$ 8.25Third Shelf
001336Dunwich, GerinaWicca Craft: The Modern Witches Book of Herbs, Magick and Dreams$ 7.50Third Shelf
001350Science Fiction Analog$ 17.00Basement
001351Science Fiction Analog$ 17.00Basement
001352Science Fiction Analog$ 17.00Basement
001353Science Fiction Analog$ 12.00Basement
001354Science Fiction Analog$ 17.00Basement
001355Science Fiction Analog$ 15.00Basement
001356Science Fiction Analog$ 17.00Basement
001357Science Fiction Analog$ 17.00Basement
001364The New Webster's Library of Practical Information : Boxed Set $ 34.00Third Shelf
001365Taylor, KeithRaven's Gathering IV$ 6.75Flat 3
001366Van Asten, GailThe Blind Knight$ 4.75Flat 3
001368Friesner, EstherHere Be Demons$ 5.00Flat 3
001398Kyoko, AriyoshiSWAN VOL. 3$ 9.99Tpbk
001405Cherryh, C. J.Faded Sun : The Shonjir $ 5.00Flat 3
001406Cherryh, C. J.Faded Sun : The Kutath$ 5.00Flat 3
001407Cherryh, C. J.The Faded Sun : Kesrith $ 5.00Flat 3
001408Cherryh, C. J.Well of Shiuan $ 5.00Flat 3
001409Cherryh, C. J.Fires of Azeroth$ 5.00Flat 3
001410Norton, AndreLore of the Witch World$ 5.00Flat 3
001411Norton, AndreDragon Magic$ 5.50Flat 3
001412Norton, AndreQuag Keep$ 5.00Flat 3
001421Cook, GlenA Shadow of All Night Falling$ 8.00Flat 3
001422Cook, GlenThe Swordbearer$ 7.00Flat 3
001425Springer, NancyThe Sable Moon$ 5.00Flat 3
001434Morgan, FidelisA Woman of No Character$ 8.50Third Shelf
001435Maclean's People : A Gallery of Canadian Greats$ 10.00Third Shelf
001436Dembling, Sophia; Gutierrez, LisaThe Making Of Dr. Phil: The Straight-talking True Story Of Everyone's Favorite Therapist$ 10.25Big Flat7
001437Lee, Stan (editor)X-Men: Five Decades of the X-Men$ 8.50Big Flat7
001438Hanson, P.The Joy of Stress$ 6.75Big Flat7
001439Boyd, LionaIn My Own Key: My Life in Love and Music$ 12.00Big Flat7
001441Gerrold, DavidStar Trek La Nouvelle Generation: Rencontre a Farpoint$ 4.00Flat 4
001443Grisham, JohnLa dernière récolte.$ 8.50Flat 4
001444Hawke, SimonThe Wizard of Whitechapel$ 5.25Flat 4
001445Coxe, George HarmonNEVER BET YOUR LIFE $ 5.00Flat 4
001447Reeves, MichaelTravolta!: A Photo Bio$ 5.50Flat 4
001449Hughes, Robert DonThe Power and the Prophet$ 5.25Flat 4
001459Zelazny, RogerDilvish, the Damned$ 5.25Flat 4
001460de Camp, L. Sprague; Carter, LinThe Unbeheaded King$ 5.25Flat 4
001462Corby, AdamThe Divine Queen$ 5.50Flat 4
001463Card, Orson Scott (editor)Dragons of Darkness$ 7.50Flat 4
001464Daley, BrianStarfollowrs of Coramnd$ 5.50Flat 4
001466Scarborough, ElizabethThe Unicorn Creed$ 3.75Flat 4
001467Ford, John M.The Dragon Waiting: A Masque of History$ 3.95Flat 35
001468Hambly, BarbaraIcefalcon's Quest$ 4.95Flat 4
001481Epicurus: The Sage$ 19.95Tpbk
001484Turtledove, HarryMisplaced Legion$ 4.95Flat 5
001485Turtledove, HarryAn Emperor for the Legion$ 5.25Flat 5
001487Deitz, TomWindmaster's Bane$ 3.75Flat 5
001488Anthony, PiersHasan$ 3.95Flat 5
001496Anderson, Poul and Gordon R. DicksonStar Prince Charlie$ 5.25Flat 5
001497Lee, TanithKill the Dead$ 4.95Flat 5
001499de Camp, L. Sprague; Carter, LinThe Clocks of Iraz$ 5.25Flat 5
001501Silverberg, RobertLost Cities and Vanished Civilizations$ 5.50Flat 5
001502Lamb, HaroldCharlemagne$ 5.50Flat 5
001504Watt-Evans, LawrenceThe Destiny of the Sword$ 6.95Flat 5
001505GolonAngelique in Revolt$ 4.50Flat 5
001512Pendleton, DonThe Executioner #15: Panic in Philly$ 5.50Flat 5
001519Brown, SandraLove's Encore$ 5.00Flat 6
001520Brown, SandraEloquent Silence$ 5.00Flat 6
001521Brown, SandraMirror Image$ 6.00Flat 6
001522Brown, SandraSunset Embrace$ 5.50Flat 6
001523Brown, SandraAnother Dawn$ 5.50Flat 6
001524Brown, SandraFat Tuesday$ 5.50Flat 6
001534Brown, Sandra; St. Claire, ErinAbove and Beyond$ 5.00Flat 6
001537Brown, SandraTemperatures Rising$ 5.00Flat 6
001538Brown, SandraIn a Class by Itself$ 5.00Flat 6
001539Brown, SandraTexas! Chase$ 5.00Flat 6
001540Brown, SandraThursday's Child$ 5.50Flat 6
001541Brown, SandraSend No Flowers$ 5.00Flat 6
001542Brown, SandraTexas! Sage$ 5.00Flat 6
001544Roberts, NoraBirthright$ 5.50Flat 6
001546Weis, Margaret; Hickman, TracyFire Sea$ 14.95Top Shelf
001547Schulman, ArnoldLove with the Proper Stranger $ 6.00Flat 7
001548De LA Barbe, HenriAdvanced French for Exceptional Cats$ 6.00Flat 7
001549De LA Barbe, Henri; Boswell, John; Beard, HenryFrench for Cats: All the French Your Cat Will Ever Need$ 5.00Flat 7
001550BAILY, LESLIEThe Gilbert and Sullivan Book$ 34.50Top Shelf
001551Riva, MariaMarlene Dietrich$ 14.50Top Shelf
001552Simon, Henry W.The New and Enlarged Treasury of Grand Opera$ 25.00Top Shelf
001553Hall, TrevorBorn to be King - Prince William of Wales $ 15.00Top Shelf
001554Hoag, TamiDark Horse$ 6.50Flat 7
001555Hoag, TamiA Thin Dark Line$ 6.75Flat 7
001556Hoag, TamiGuilty As Sin$ 6.75Flat 7
001557Hoag, TamiStill Waters$ 6.75Flat 7
001558Hoag, TamiLucky's Lady$ 6.75Flat 7
001559Hoag, TamiCry Wolf$ 6.50Flat 7
001560Hoag, TamiAshes to Ashes$ 7.00Flat 7
001561Hoag, TamiNight Sins$ 6.75Flat 7
001562Johansen, IrisLong After Midnight$ 6.50Flat 7
001563Johansen, IrisThe Ugly Duckling$ 6.75Flat 7
001564Johansen, IrisBody of Lies$ 6.75Flat 7
001565Johansen, IrisThe Face of Deception$ 6.75Flat 7
001566Johansen, IrisThe Killing Game: Only One Can Win...and the Loser Dies$ 6.75Flat 7
001567Johansen, IrisThe Search$ 6.75Flat 7
001568Johansen, IrisDead Aim$ 6.50Flat 7
001569Sanders, LawrenceMcNally's Gamble$ 6.50Flat 7
001572Walker, HughChronicles of the Lords of Wonder (set of 3)$ 21.95Flat 8
001573Mundy, TalbotTros of Samothrage (set of 4)$ 25.95Flat 8
001575Dillard, J.m.Star Trek$ 23.95Big Flat7
001577Heck, Peter J.The Prince and the Prosecutor$ 5.00Flat 8
001578Phillips, Susan ElizabethNobody's Baby but Mine$ 5.50Flat 8
001579Ridgway, ChristieThen Comes Marriage$ 5.50Flat 8
001580Crombie, DeborahA Share in Death$ 5.00Flat 8
001581Kleypas, LisaSuddenly You$ 6.00Flat 8
001582Haining, Peter (editor)Murder on the Railways$ 7.00Flat 8
001583Connelly, MichaelThe Poet$ 6.00Flat 8
001587Pottinger, StanleyA Slow Burning$ 6.50Flat 8
001588Jeffries, SabrinaA Dangerous Love$ 5.00Flat 8
001589Holt, HazelMrs. Malory and Death by Water$ 5.00Flat 8
001590Semigran, CandaceOne Minute Self Esteem: Caring for Yourself and One Minute Self Esteem Caring for Yourself and Others$ 4.00Flat 8
001591Cowan,D.D., P.H. Dirksen, J.W. GrahamAn Introduction to COBOL with WATBOL $ 9.75Big Flat7
001607Will Eisner Reader: Seven Graphic Stories from a Comics Master$ 9.95Tpbk
001614Gerard De VilliersSAS Contre P.K.K - La Traque Ocalan$ 5.50Flat 9
001617Duncan, LoisThe Third Eye$ 5.00Flat 35
001622Williams, MichaelArcady$ 8.75Big Flat7
001624Roberts, NoraBorn in Ice$ 7.00Flat 9
001625Roberts, NoraBorn in Shame$ 7.00Flat 9
001632Roberts, NoraDance upon the Air$ 6.50Flat 9
001633Roberts, NoraThe Calhouns: Suzanna And Megan$ 6.00Flat 9
001634Roberts, NoraSacred Sins$ 6.00Flat 9
001635Roberts, NoraPublic Secrets$ 6.00Flat 9
001636Roberts, NoraSweet Revenge$ 6.00Flat 9
001638Donovan, SusanUntitled Susan Donovan$ 5.00Flat 9
001639Donovan, SusanKnock Me Off My Feet$ 5.00Flat 9
001640Jackson, LisaUnspoken$ 5.00Flat 9
001641Jackson, LisaCold Blooded$ 5.00Flat 9
001642Jackson, LisaWhispers$ 5.00Flat 9
001643Jackson, LisaSee How She Dies$ 5.00Flat 9
001644Anderson, Poul; Anderson, KarenKing of Ys: Roma Mater$ 4.75Flat 9
001658Weis, Margaret; Hickman, Tracy; Little, DeniseRealms of Dragons: The Worlds of Weis and Hickman$ 15.25Top Shelf
001659Rees, NigelCassell's Movie Quotations$ 15.00Top Shelf
001664Bouzereau, Laurent; Duncan, JodyStar Wars the Making of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace$ 12.50Top Shelf
001665Schwartz, Jacob T.Relativity in Illustrations$ 5.50Top Shelf
001666Carroll, LewisComplete Illustrated Lewis Carroll$ 15.00Top Shelf
001667McCouch, HannahGirl Cook: A Novel$ 15.00Top Shelf
001668Robb, Henry F.; Arnold, WilliamThe Unofficial Guide to Online Investing$ 9.50Top Shelf
001669Knapp, CarolinePack of Two: The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs$ 7.00Top Shelf
001670Smart, R. J.; 120PpPlaying Roulette As a Business: A Professional's Guide to Beating the Wheel$ 9.00Top Shelf
001671Patterson, Jerry L.; Pawlicki, Christopher; Nielsen, Eric; "Sharpshooter"Casino Gambling: A Winner's Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Poker$ 8.00Top Shelf
001673King, StephenFrom a Buick 8: A Novel$ 15.00Top Shelf
001674Burrows Millar Les manuscrits de la mer morte $ 15.00Top Shelf
001691Chrono Code Vol.1$ 9.99Tpbk
001692Heat Guy J$ 9.99Tpbk
001706Chocano, CarinaDo You Love Me or Am I Just Paranoid?: The Serial Monogamist's Guide to Love$ 5.00Top Shelf
001707Baker, Trudy; Bain, Donald; Jones, Rachel; Wenzel, BillCoffee, Tea or Me: The Uninhibited Memoirs of Two Airline Stewardesses$ 8.50Tpbk
001713Uncanny Xmen: Poptopia$ 15.95Tpbk
001718Medeiros, TeresaCharming the Prince$ 4.50Flat 10
001721Templeton, KarenPlaying for Keeps$ 4.50Flat 10
001723Thorne, AlexandreSeasons of the Heart$ 4.00Flat 10
001724Fox, ElaineHot Stuff$ 4.50Flat 10
001725Gardner, LisaThe Killing Hour$ 5.00Flat 10
001726Gould, JudithForever$ 4.00Flat 10
001727Hart, NeesaYou Made Me Love You$ 4.50Flat 10
001728Wells, RobinWild About You$ 5.00Flat 10
001730Anderson, CatherineOnly by Your Touch$ 5.00Flat 10
001731Andersen, CatherineBright Eyes$ 5.00Flat 10
001732Anderson, CatherineAlways in My Heart$ 5.00Flat 10
001733Civil-Brown, SueBreaking All the Rules$ 4.50Flat 10
001734Coffman, ElaineThe 5th Daughter$ 5.00Flat 10
001735Coffman, ElaineThe Italian$ 5.00Flat 10
001736Canfield, SandraNight Moves$ 4.00Flat 10
001739Feather, JaneThe Bachelor List$ 5.00Flat 11
001740Feather, JaneThe Bride Hunt$ 5.00Flat 11
001741Feather, JaneThe Wedding Game$ 5.00Flat 11
001742Feather, JaneAlmost a Bride$ 5.00Flat 11
001743Feather, JaneThe Accidental Bride$ 4.50Flat 11
001744Sapir, Richard BenQuest$ 4.00Flat 11
001745Lovelace, MerlineAfter Midnight$ 5.00Flat 11
001747Rogers, RosemaryA Reckless Encounter$ 5.00Flat 11
001748Rogers, RosemaryIn Your Arms$ 5.50Flat 11
001749Rogers, RosemaryA Dangerous Man$ 5.00Flat 11
001750Rogers, RosemaryBound by Desire$ 4.50Flat 11
001751Rogers, RosemaryAll I Desire$ 4.50Flat 11
001752Sumner, PennyTree of Angels$ 5.50Flat 11
001753Rovin, JeffWar Of Eagles$ 5.50Flat 11
001754Higgins, JackHell Is Always Today$ 5.50Flat 11
001755McCaffrey, AnnePower Play$ 4.25Flat 11
001756McCaffrey, AnneLyon's Pride$ 4.95Flat 11
001759Rice, PatriciaBlue Clouds$ 3.50Flat 12
001761Rice, PatriciaNobody's Angel$ 5.00Flat 12
001762Howard, LindaSon of the Morning$ 5.00Flat 12
001763Carmichael, EmilyBecoming Georgia$ 3.50Flat 12
001764Dodd, Christina; Brockway, ConnieLost in Your Arms$ 5.00Flat 12
001765Dodd, Christina; Brockway, ConnieOne Kiss from You$ 5.00Flat 12
001766Civil-Brown, SueNext Stop, Paradise$ 4.00Flat 12
001767McCaffrey, Anne; Nye, Jody LynnTreaty at Doona$ 4.95Flat 12
001768Coulter, CatherinePendragon$ 5.50Flat 12
001771Hyde, ChristopherAn American Spy $ 6.00Flat 12
001772Hyde, ChristopherThe House of Special Purpose$ 5.75Flat 12
001773Ryan, ChrisGreed$ 5.75Flat 12
001774Topol, AllanEnemy Of My Enemy$ 5.75Flat 12
001775Thor, BradState of the Union: A Thriller$ 5.50Flat 12
001776Maloney, MacKSuperhawks: Strike Force Charlie$ 5.00Flat 12
001783Ultimate Adventures: One Tin Soldier$ 12.99Tpbk
001785Peach Girl Change of Heart Vol 4$ 9.99Tpbks
001792X-Men: Children of the Atom$ 16.95Tpbk
001793Bond, LarryLarry Bond's First Team$ 5.50Flat 13
001794Banks, L. A.The Awakening: A Vampire Huntress Lengend$ 5.00Flat 13
001795Robinson, PatrickScimitar Sl-2$ 5.50Flat 13
001796Freiman, KateEarth Angel$ 4.00Flat 13
001797Kent, GordonHostile Contact$ 5.50Flat 13
001798Winthrop, CarolineIcons$ 4.00Flat 13
001799Cross, ClaireDouble Trouble$ 5.00Flat 13
001800Harper, KarenThe Falls$ 5.00Flat 13
001801Freiman, KateLady Moonlight$ 4.50Flat 13
001802Du Brul, JackPandora's Curse$ 5.00Flat 13
001804Brien, NellLioness$ 4.50Flat 13
001806Jackson, LisaTreasures$ 4.00Flat 13
001807Nance, John J.Turbulence$ 5.50Flat 13
001808Child, LeeThe Enemy$ 6.00Flat 13
001810Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.The Reluctant Suitor$ 5.75Flat 13
001811Kruesi, Mary AliceSecond Star to the Right$ 4.50Flat 13
001812Holm, Stef AnnGirls Night$ 5.00Flat 13
001813Hohl, JoanCompromises$ 3.00Flat 14
001814Hohl, JoanAnother Spring$ 4.00Flat 14
001815Hohl, JoanEver After$ 3.00Flat 14
001816Carr, RobynThe Wedding Party$ 4.00Flat 14
001817Cabot, Meg; Cabot, MegginShe Went All the Way$ 5.00Flat 14
001818Carlyle, LizBeauty Like the Night$ 4.50Flat 14
001819Katkov, NormanThe Judas Kiss$ 4.00Flat 14
001820Farraday, TessShadows in the Flame$ 4.00Flat 14
001821Farraday, TessSnow in Summer$ 4.50Flat 14
001822Kay, Guy GavrielA Song for Arbonne$ 5.00Flat 14
001824Deaver, Jeff; Deaver, JefferyThe Devil's Teardrop: A Novel of the Last Night of the Century$ 4.50Flat 14
001825James, P. D.The Murder Room$ 7.00Flat 14
001826Ludlum, RobertThe Bourne Identity$ 6.00Flat 14
001827King, StephenWizard and Glass$ 6.00Flat 14
001828Swann, S. AndrewMoreau Omnibus: Forests of the Night/Emperors of the Twilight/Specters of the Dawn$ 5.95Flat 14
001830Anderson, Kevin J.Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow$ 5.00Flat 14
001831Marvel Visionaries: Gil Kane$ 24.99Tpbk
001842AnonymousPleasure Bound Afloat$ 4.00Flat 15
001843AnonymousPleasure Bound Afloat$ 4.00Flat 15
001844AnonymousPleasure Bound Afloat$ 4.00Flat 15
001845Scott, JeremyDoctor Jekyll and Miss Hyde$ 5.00Flat 15
001853Brooks, TerryThe Tangle Box: A Magic Kingdom of Landover Novel$ 14.95Top Shelf
001854Brooks, TerryThe Talismans of Shannara$ 15.25Top Shelf
001856Salvatore, R. A.Starless Night$ 10.25Top Shelf
001857Greenwood, Ed & Jeff GrubbqElminster: The Making of a Mage$ 9.95Top Shelf
001858Modesitt, L.E.The Chaos Balance$ 9.95Top Shelf
001860Modesitt, L.E.Fall of Angels$ 9.95Top Shelf
001862Modesitt, L.E.Shadowsinger: A Spellsong Cycle Novel$ 39.95Top Shelf
001863Feist, Raymond E.Shards of a Broken Crown$ 10.25Top Shelf
001864Feist, Raymond E.Rage of a Demon King$ 10.25Top Shelf
001865Kurtz, Katherine; Harris, Deborah TurnerKing Javan's Year$ 34.95Top Shelf
001867Read, MissChanges at Fairacre$ 10.00First Shelf
001868Brooks, TerryWizard at Large$ 10.25Top Shelf
001870Hillerman, TonyFinding Moon$ 10.00Top Shelf
001871Hillerman, TonyThe Fallen Man$ 10.00Top Shelf
001873Hillerman, TonyThe Sinister Pig$ 9.50Big Flat 6
001874Hillerman, TonyThe First Eagle$ 9.50Big Flat 6
001875Hillerman, TonySacred Clowns$ 9.50Big Flat 6
001892Kemelman, HarryThat Day the Rabbi Left Town $ 9.00Big Flat8
001894Salvatore, R. A.Sea of Swords$ 9.95Big Flat8
001923Trudeau, G. B.A Tad Overweight, but Violet Eyes to Die for$ 5.50Big Flat8
001925Trudeau, G. B.We're Not Out of the Woods Yet$ 6.50Big Flat8
001926Trudeau, G. B.The Wreck of the "Rusty Nail"$ 6.50Big Flat8
001927Trudeau, GaryIn Search of Reagan's Brain$ 6.50Big Flat8
001928Allen, Robert ThomasA Treasury of Canadian Humour $ 10.50Basement Shelf
001929Taylor, SallyCollecting Teddy Bears$ 10.00Basement Shelf
001930Hodge-Leete, L.Royal Family: A Pop-Up Book$ 11.00Basement Shelf
001933Superman: End of the Century$ 17.95Tpbk
001934Azzopardi, TrezzaThe Hiding Place$ 11.50Big Flat8
001935Davidson, MaryjaniceHello Gorgeous!$ 9.00Basement Shelf
001936Devine, TheaSinful Secrets$ 9.00Big Flat8
001937Lambert-LagaceNutrition Challenge for Women$ 9.50Basement Shelf
001938Jeter, K. W.Warped$ 9.95Basement Shelf
001939Davidson, MaryjaniceHello Gorgeous!$ 9.00Basement Shelf
001940Mallory, TessCircles in Time $ 7.00Basement Shelf
001941Swendson, ShannaEnchanted, Inc.$ 10.00Basement Shelf
001943McCarthy, Erin; Summers, Jordan; Nicholas, JenBad Boys Over Easy$ 10.00Basement Shelf
001944Kent, AlisonThe Shaughnessey Accord$ 6.00Basement Shelf
001945Kent, ALISON The Samms Agenda$ 6.00Basement Shelf
001946Kent, AlisonThe Mckenzie Artifact$ 6.00Basement Shelf
001947April, J.-PSF Dix Annees De Science-Fiction Quebecoise$ 5.00Basement Shelf
001949The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories$ 12.00Basement Shelf
001954Whiteside, DianeThe Irish Devil$ 9.50Big Flat 3
001955O'Banyon, ConstanceDesert Song$ 7.50Big Flat 3
001957Rosenhan, David L; Seligman, Martin E. P.Abnormal Psychology Second Edition$ 19.00Basement Shelf
001958Christensen, Larry B.Experimental Methodology$ 24.75Basement Shelf
001959Adler, Ronald B.; Rosenfeld, Lawrence B.; Towne, NeilInterplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication$ 14.75Big Flat8
001960Gordon, Sol; Snyder, Craig W.Personal Issues in Human Sexuality$ 11.00Big Flat8
001961Skolnick, Arlene S.The Intimate Environment: Exploring Marriage and the Family$ 14.75Basement Shelf
001962Best, John B.Cognitive Psychology$ 9.95Basement Shelf
001963Makos, ChristopherWarhol: A Personal Photographic Memoir$ 16.00Basement Shelf
001964Swann, AlanCreating Dynamic Roughs : How to Turn Your Graphic Design Concepts Into Effective Rough Visuals $ 14.95Basement Shelf
001965Stone, SumnerOn Stone: The Art and Use of Typography on the Personal Computer$ 14.75Top Shelf
001966Sutton, James & Bartram, AlanAn Atlas of Typeforms$ 30.00Top Shelf
001969Flint, Kenneth C.Challenge of the Clans$ 3.95Flat 15
001970Scarborough, ElizabethBronwyn's Bane$ 3.95Flat 15
001971Munn, H. WarnerMerlin's Godson$ 4.50Flat 15
001991Jla: Rock of Ages$ 14.95Tpbks
001998Alichino Vol.3$ 9.99Tpbk
002000Arm of Kannon$ 9.99Tpbk
002003Blazin Barrels$ 9.99Tpbk
002004Crazy Love Story Vol. 4$ 9.99Tpbk
002005Upcher, CarolineThe Visitor's Book$ 5.00Flat 15
002006Michaels, KaseyMaggie Needs an Alibi$ 5.00Flat 15
002007Chamberlin, HollyThe Summer of Us$ 6.00Flat 15
002008Smith, ThorneDid She Fall?$ 7.50Flat 15
002009Black, HollyThe Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide$ 7.50Third Shelf
002010Black, HollySpiderwick Chronicles: The Wrath of Mulgarath$ 7.50Flat1
002011Diterlizzi, Tony; Black, HollyThe Ironwood Tree$ 7.50Flat1
002012Ivens, KathyWindows Nt Troubleshooting$ 10.00Basement Shelf
002013Microsoft Windows Nt: Resource Kit$ 30.00Basement Shelf
002014Microsoft Windows NT Resource Kit : The Information & Tools You Need to Become a Windows NT Expert, Version 3.5 for Workstation & Advanced Server Editions (Set) Plus the Troubleshooting Windows NT$ 40.00Basement Shelf
002015CluttonBrock, JulietDog$ 10.00Basement Shelf
002016Green, Lucinda; Dorling Kindersley Publishing StaffThe Young Rider$ 10.00Basement Shelf
002017Holiday, NikkiHeaven Knows Best$ 4.50Flat 15
002019Read, Miss (pen name of Dora Saint) Gossip from Thrush Green$ 5.00Flat 15
002024Brown, SandraFrench Silk$ 4.50Flat 15
002037Human Target: Strike Zones$ 9.95Tpbk
002040Bell, TedHawke$ 3.00Flat 15
002041Shibayama, ZenkeiThe Gateless Barrier: Zen Comments on the Mumonkan$ 16.000
002042Sailor, CharlesThe Second Son$ 74.95Collectible
002043Van Lustbader, EricBourne Legacy$ 6.50Flat 15
002045Hillhouse, RaelynnRift Zone$ 5.50Flat 15
002047Frank, Dorothea BentonShem Creek: A Lowcountry Tale$ 6.00Flat 16
002048Child, LeePersuader$ 6.00Flat 16
002049Chalker, Dennis; Dockery, KevinThe Home Team: Undeclared War$ 5.50Flat 16
002050Chalker, Dennis; Dockery, KevinThe Home Team: Undeclared War$ 5.50Flat 16
002051Pozzessere, Heather GrahamDown in New Orleans$ 4.50Flat 16
002052Jensen, TrishStuck With You$ 4.50Flat 16
002054Trudeau, Gary B.Doonesbury Deluxe: Selected Glances Askance$ 7.50Basement Shelf
002055Trudeau, G. B.Doonesbury Dossier: The Reagan Years$ 7.50Basement Shelf
002056Trudeau, G. B.Doonesbury's Greatest Hits$ 7.50Basement Shelf
002057Schutz, Susan PolisExpressing Our Love: Wedding Poems for Today's Couples Including a Section on Personalizing Your Own Wedding Ceremony$ 7.00Basement Shelf
002058Mair, RoslinKey Dates in Art History: From 600 B.C. to the Present $ 8.50Basement Shelf
002059Warren, S. D. VARNISH TECHNIQUES ON LUSTRO RECYCLED $ 5.00Basement Shelf
002060Photonica Edition 30: Inspiration$ 10.00Basement Shelf
002061Read, MissFarewell to Fairacre$ 10.00Basement Shelf
002071Eerie Queerie! Vol.3$ 9.99Tpbks
002093Blish, James; Foster; WhitfieldStar Trek $ 74.95Flat 16
002095Woods, SaraError of the Moon$ 2.75Flat 16
002097Cornwell, BernardGallow's Thief$ 6.00Flat 16
002098Delinsky, Barbara; Bond, StephanieIn Too Deep$ 4.50Flat 16
002099Thorne, AlexandraBoundless$ 3.50Flat 16
002104Bear, GregDarwin's Radio$ 5.50Flat 17
002105Sheffield, CharlesConvergence: Library Edition$ 4.95Flat 17
002106Zubrin, RobertFirst Landing$ 5.95Flat 17
002107Haldeman, Joe W.Forever Peace$ 5.95Flat 17
002108Benford, GregoryTimescape$ 4.50Flat 17
002109Czerneda, Julie E.Beholder's Eye$ 5.95Flat 17
002111Anderson, Poul and Gordon R. DicksonStarfarers$ 5.95Flat 17
002112Baird, WilhelminaChaos Come Again$ 4.95Flat 17
002114Rankin, IanDead Souls$ 6.00Flat 17
002115Rendell, RuthThe Babes in the Wood$ 6.00Flat 17
002116Brown, Dale; Defelice, JimDale Brown's Dreamland: Nerve Center$ 6.00Flat 17
002117Wharton, KenDivine Intervention$ 5.95Flat 17
002118Applegate, K. A.; Applegate, KatherineThe Search for Senna$ 5.00Flat 17
002120Applegate, Katherine A.; Applegate, K. A.Land of Loss$ 5.00Flat 17
002121Foster, Alan DeanThe Hour of the Gate $ 5.25Flat 17
002122Anthony, PiersGolem in the Gears$ 4.95Flat 17
002123Anthony, PiersDragon on a Pedestal$ 5.75Flat 17
002124Gemmell, DavidGhost King$ 5.25Flat 17
002125Lanier, SterlingThe Unforsaken Hiero$ 5.25Flat 17
002126Matthews, JohnPast Imperfect$ 7.00Flat 18
002127Evans, NicholasThe Smoke Jumper$ 7.50Flat 18
002128George, ElizabethA Place of Hiding$ 6.50Flat 18
002129McCammon, Robert R.Boy's Life$ 6.50Flat 18
002130Brooks, TerryMagic Kingdom for Sale - Sold!$ 5.25Flat 18
002131Sheefield, CharlesErasmus Magister$ 5.25Flat 18
002133Boyer, ElizabethThe Sword and the Satchel$ 5.75Flat 18
002135Taylor, KeithBard$ 5.25Flat 18
002136Springer, NancyThe White Hart$ 4.95Flat 18
002141Drake, ShannonWicked$ 5.50Flat 18
002142Brust, StevenYendi$ 3.25Flat 18
002143Sinclair, JamesCanis the Warrior$ 3.00Flat 18
002144Taylor, KeithBard III: The Wild Sea$ 2.75Flat 18
002145Garrett, RandallMurder and Magic$ 6.95Flat 18
002146Furneaux, RupertAncient Mysteries $ 5.50Flat 18
002149Ford, Marshall Memoirs of a Sensual Youth$ 5.00Flat 18
002150Burning Eye$ 3.95Flat 18
002157Jon Sable, Complete $ 24.99Tpbk
002162Sandman Mystery Theatre V 2: The Face and The Brute$ 19.95Tpbks
002178Carlson, RichardDon't Worry, Make Money: Spiritual and Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun in Your Life$ 7.00Big Flat 1
002180Baugh, Virgil E.Rendezvous at the Alamo: Highlights in the Lives of Bowie, Crockett and Travis$ 6.50Big Flat 1
002181Epstein, Donald M.; Altman, NathanielThe 12 Stages of Healing: A Network Approach to Wholeness$ 9.00Big Flat 1
002182Berthia, Francois et Andree LamoureuxInitiation a La Recherche en Psychologie$ 10.00Big Flat 1
002183Schuller, Robert H.S'Aimer Soi-Meme$ 10.00Big Flat 1
002186GARY GRASSHOPPER$ 5.00Big Flat 1
002187Binns-McDonald, KayeSparkle Fun Box Set : Learn Your Numbers, Learn Your Colors, Learn Your ABC (Sparkle Books Ser.)$ 15.00Big Flat 1
002189Ludwig, WarrenOld Noah's Elephants: An Israeli Folktale$ 20.00Big Flat 1
002190Bromberg, Brian J.Blue's Songtime (Blue's Clues Play-a-Song) $ 6.00Big Flat 1
002191Potter, BeatrixThe tale of Tom Kitten: a Pop-Up Book$ 10.00Big Flat 1
002192Potter, BeatrixThe Tale of Peter Rabbit$ 10.00Big Flat 1
002193Potter, BeatrixThe Tale of Benjamin Bunny $ 10.00Big Flat 1
002203Gzowski, PeterFriends, Moments, Countryside: Selected Columns from Canadian Living, 1993-98$ 9.50Big Flat 1
002205Kaplan, Stuart R.Tarot Classic$ 8.75Big Flat 1
002206Haire-Sargeant, LinH.: The Story of Heathcliff's Journey Back to Wuthering Heights$ 12.00Big Flat 1
002207Photographs: A Victorian Frieze Album$ 6.00Big Flat 1
002208Joyce, Brenda The Masquerade: The De Warenne Dynasty $ 5.00Flat 18
002209Higgins, JackHell Is Always Today$ 6.00Flat 18
002210Lindsey, JohannaSavage Thunder$ 3.50Flat 18
002218Patterson, James; De Jonge, PeterThe Big Bad Wolf: A Novel$ 6.00Flat 19
002221Johnson, SusanHot Legs$ 6.00Flat 19
002222Johnson, SusanHot Pink$ 5.00Flat 19
002223Martin, KatThe Devil's Necklace$ 5.00Flat 19
002224Major, AnnThe Girl With The Golden Spurs$ 4.50Flat 19
002226Johnston, JoanThe Next Mrs. Blackthorne$ 6.00Flat 19
002227Spindler, EricaDead Run$ 5.00Flat 19
002228Barton, BeverlyAs Good as Dead$ 5.50Flat 19
002229Cresswell, JasmineFinal Justice$ 5.00Flat 19
002230Jackson, LisaTemptress$ 6.00Flat 19
002233Drake, ShannonDead By Dusk$ 5.00Flat 19
002234Greenwood, LeighArizona Embrace$ 5.00Flat 19
002238Camus, AlbertL'Envers Et L'Endroit$ 5.50Flat 19
002240Amory, ClevelandThe Best Cat Ever$ 7.00Big Flat 1
002241Amory, ClevelandThe Cat and the Curmudgeon$ 6.00Big Flat 1
002243Evans, Richard PaulThe Locket$ 10.00Big Flat 1
002244Riggs, MaribethThe Scented Woman: Create Your Own Signature Perfume$ 7.50Big Flat 1
002245Pocahontas$ 8.00Big Flat 1
002246The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Yellow Brick Road: a Pop-Up Book $ 5.00Big Flat 1
002247THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ POP-UP SERIES;Adventures In Oz $ 5.00Big Flat 1
002262Gibson, MargaretOpium Dreams$ 8.00Big Flat 2
002263Bishop, William ArthurWinged Combat : My Story As a Spitfire Pilot in WWII$ 10.50Big Flat 2
002264McPhee, MarthaBright Angel Time$ 9.00Big Flat 2
002267Sinisalo, JohannaTroll: A Love Story$ 9.00Big Flat 2
002269GALS! VOL. 3$ 9.95Tpbk
002290Miller, Linda Lael; Kent, Alison; Monroe, Lucy; Shalvis, Jill; Carr, SusannaBeach Blanket Bad Boys$ 8.00Big Flat 2
002291Kaufman, LynneWild Women's Weekend$ 9.00Big Flat 2
002292Kent, ALISONLarger Than Life$ 8.00Big Flat 2
002309TESTAROTHO VOL. 1$ 9.99Tpbk
002310YOUNG MAGICIAN VOL. 2$ 9.99Tpbk
002313Carroll, Lewis Adapted By Eliza WarrenAlice in Wonderland$ 5.00Big Flat 2
002314Small, BertricePrivate Pleasures$ 8.00Big Flat 2
002315Warren, NanctBad Boys Down Under$ 8.00Big Flat 2
002316Cobbold, MarikaThe Purveyor of Enchantment$ 5.50Big Flat 2
002317Wolff, IsabelRescuing Rose$ 7.00Big Flat 2
002318McCarthy, ErinHouston, We Have A Problem$ 8.00Big Flat 2
002319Sarton, MayKinds of Love: A Novel$ 7.00Big Flat 2
002320Battle, LoisStoryville$ 8.00Big Flat 2
002322Adams, AliceCaroline's Daughters$ 8.00Big Flat 2
002323Richard, HoytOld Soldiers Sometimes Lie$ 7.493rd Box ABE
002332KIKAIDER CODE 02 VOL. 1$ 9.99Tpbk
002342Marysmith, JoanHoly Aspic$ 2.50Big Flat 2
002343Deaver, JefferyThe Empty Chair$ 6.00Flat 19
002344Junger, SebastianThe Perfect Storm : A True Story of Men Against the Sea$ 5.00Flat 19
002345Ford, G. M.A Blind Eye$ 5.00Flat 19
002346Clancy, TomThe Teeth of the Tiger$ 6.00Flat 20
002350Steel, DanielleThe House on Hope Street$ 5.00Flat 1
002352Clark, Carol HigginsJinxed$ 5.50Flat 20
002353Rabelais, FrancoisGargantua$ 5.00Flat 24
002368Chandler, A. BertramThe Broken Cycle$ 5.00Flat 26
002371Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, JanBears' Vacation, the$ 5.00Big Flat 2
002372McClintock, MikeFly Went by$ 5.00Big Flat 2
002374Scieszka, JonTut, Tut (Time Warp Trio) $ 5.00Big Flat 2
002377Billac, PeteBecome an Internet Millionaire Featuring Skybiz 2000: How to Succeed in a Home-Based Business$ 6.00Big Flat 2
002378Fagan, CaryThe Mermaid of Paris$ 9.50Big Flat 2
002379Lau, EvelynFresh Girls, & Other Stories$ 7.50Big Flat 2
002380McLean, StuartThe Vinyl Cafe Unplugged$ 8.50Big Flat 3
002381Shreve, AnitaThe Pilot's Wife$ 7.50Big Flat 3
002382Kinard, EpsieThe Care and Keeping of Antiques$ 6.00Big Flat 3
002383Adams, ScottThe Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century$ 9.75Big Flat 3
002387Persico, JosephNuremberg: Infamy on Trial$ 9.50Big Flat 3
002390Read, MissEarly Days$ 20.00Big Flat 3
002391Bruce, GemmaWho's Been Sleeping In My Bed?$ 7.00Big Flat 3
002396Hatenko Yugi$ 9.99Tpbk
002399King, Larry; Gilbert, BillHow to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: The Secrets of Good Communication$ 7.50Big Flat 3
002411Visitor Vol.2$ 9.99Tpbk
002412Visitor Vol. 3$ 9.99Tpbk
002413Ultra Cute$ 9.99Tpbk
002414Tramps Like Us Vol. 6$ 9.99Tpbk
002419Arnold, JudithHeart on the Line$ 5.00Flat 28
002427Churchill, JillWar and Peas: A Jane Jeffry Mystery$ 4.00Flat 28
002443Bendel, JohnNational Lampoon's Truly Tasteless Cartoons: The Best of the Worst$ 6.50Big Flat 3
002444Haddon, MarkThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time : A Novel$ 8.75Big Flat 3
002445Roberts, J. AelwynHoly Ghostbuster: A Parson's Encounters With the Paranormal$ 7.50Big Flat 3
002456Quinn, TaraWhere the Road Ends$ 4.50Flat 10
002457Cameron, StellaOnce and for Always$ 4.00Flat 11
002458Jakes, JohnThe Warriors$ 6.00Flat 11
002461Brown, SandraUnspeakable$ 6.25Flat 29
002462Quick, AmandaRavished$ 5.00Flat 29
002463Ortolon, JulieDon't Tempt Me$ 5.00Flat 29
002464Kendall, KarenSomething About Cecily$ 4.50Flat 29
002465Woods, SherrylFlamingo Diner$ 5.00Flat 29
002466Jance, J.A.Outlaw Mountain: A Joanna Brady Mystery$ 5.00Flat 29
002467Simmons, DanDarwin's Blade$ 5.00Flat 29
002472Brown, SandraThe Witness$ 5.50Flat 29
002473Brown, SandraThe Silken Web$ 5.00Flat 29
002474Brown, SandraPrime Time$ 5.00Flat 29
002475Coulter, CatherineThe Duke$ 4.50Flat 29
002485Maney, MabelThe Girl With the Golden Bouffant: A Original Jane Bond Parody$ 8.00Big Flat 3
002486Paolini, ChristopherEragon$ 7.00Big Flat 3
002487Paolini, ChristopherEldest: INHERITANCE BOOK 2$ 18.00Big Flat 3
002488Moorcock, MichaelThe Dreamthief's Daughter: A Tale of the Albino$ 15.00Big Flat 3
002489Zahn, TimothyManta's Gift$ 5.00Flat 29
002490Fielding, JoyLost$ 5.50Flat 29
002491Gruen, SarahRiding Lessons$ 5.50Flat 29
002492Clement, HalHalf Life$ 5.00Flat 29
002494Staub, Wendy CorsiKiss Her Goodbye$ 5.00Flat 29
002495Russo, Richard PaulCarlucci's Edge$ 4.00Flat 29
002496Jance, J.A.Payment in Kind$ 6.00Flat 29
002497Jennings, MaureenLet Loose the Dogs : A Detective William Murdoch Mystery$ 7.75Flat 30
002517Descendants of Darkness, Vol. 3$ 9.99Tpbk
002519Cheeky Angel Vol. 5$ 9.95Tpbk
002520Cheeky Angel Vol. 8$ 9095.00Tpbk
002528Girdner, JaquelineMost Likely to Die$ 4.50Flat 30
002530Hinze, VickiAll Due Respect$ 5.00Flat 30
002531Hunter, JillianFairy Tale$ 4.50Flat 30
002532Stuyck, Karen HansonLethal Lessons$ 4.50Flat 30
002533Hager, JeanBlooming Murder$ 3.00Flat 30
002534Hager, JeanDead and Buried$ 3.50Flat 30
002535Stuyck, Karen HansonCry for Help$ 3.50Flat 30
002536West, Richard F.Old Gang of Mine$ 4.00Flat 30
002537Brennan, CarolIn the Dark$ 3.50Flat 30
002538Granger, AnnAsking for Trouble$ 5.00Flat 30
002539Gilpatrick, NoreenShadow of Death$ 4.50Flat 30
002540Feddersen, ConnieDead in the Mud: An Amanda Hazard Mystery$ 3.50Flat 30
002541George, AnneMurder Runs in the Family$ 4.00Flat 30
002543Brown, SandraBittersweet Rain$ 5.00Flat 30
002544Hayter, SparkleNice Girls Finish Last$ 4.00Flat 30
002545George, AnneMurder on a Girls' Night Out$ 4.00Flat 30
002547Fyfield, FrancesShadow Play$ 5.00Flat 30
002548Goldstone, NancyMommy and the Murder$ 3.00Flat 30
002549Goldberg, EdServed Cold$ 4.00Flat 30
002551Palmer, DianaIf Winter Comes$ 4.00Flat 30
002552Gallison, KateUnholy Angels: A Mother Lavinia Grey Mystery$ 3.50Flat 30
002553Cooper, Susan RogersThere Was a Little Girl: An E. J. Pugh Mystery$ 3.50Flat 30
002571Ceres : Celestial Legend Vol. 13$ 9.95Tpbk
002580Please Save My Earth 10$ 9.95Tpbk
002581Please Save My Earth 11$ 9.95Tpbk
002582Please Save My Earth 12$ 8.95Tpbk
002583Frankel, ValerieA Body to Die for: A Wanda Mallory Mystery$ 3.50Flat 31
002584Coulter, CatherineThe Aristocrat$ 5.00Flat 31
002585Gosling, Paula Death Penalties$ 4.00Flat 31
002586Gosling, PaulaThe Body in Blackwater Bay$ 4.00Flat 31
002587Ferrars, ElizabethMurder of a Suicide$ 5.00Flat 31
002588O'Brien, MegI'll Love You Till I Die$ 4.00Flat 31
002589Fyfield, FrancesDeep Sleep$ 3.00Flat 31
002590Timlin, M.Street That Rhymed at 3 AM$ 5.00Flat 31
002592Barton, BeverlyWhat She Doesn't Know$ 5.00Flat 31
002593Fyfield, FrancesPerfectly Pure and Good$ 5.00Flat 31
002594Brand, ChristiannaTour De Force$ 3.50Flat 31
002595Brand, ChristiannaGreen for Danger$ 3.50Flat 31
002597Gallison, KateDevil's Workshop$ 3.50Flat 31
002598Fyfield, FrancesTrial by Fire$ 5.00Flat 31
002599Feddersen, ConnieDead in the Dirt$ 3.50Flat 31
002602Wilson, Barbara JayeAccessory to Murder: A Brenda Midnight Mystery$ 3.50Flat 31
002603Macomber, DebbieA Gift to Last$ 4.50Flat 31
002604Girdner, JaquelineA Stiff Critique$ 3.50Flat 31
002605Sawyer, Corinne HoltThe Geezer Factory Murders$ 4.00Flat 31
002607Granger, AnnFlowers for His Funeral$ 5.50Flat 31
002609Davidson, Diane MottThe Grilling Season$ 5.00Flat 31
002611Stuyck, Karen HansonHeld Accountable$ 4.50Flat 31
002612Hayter, SparkleWhat's a Girl Gotta Do?$ 4.50Flat 31
002613Brand, ChristiannaFog of Doubt$ 3.50Flat 31
002614Adams, DouglasSalmon of Doubt$ 10.00Big Flat 4
002616Faust, MinisterThe Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad$ 9.00Big Flat 4
002619Lovecraft, H. P.The Transition of H. P. Lovecraft: The Road to Madness$ 8.50Big Flat 4
002622Foster, LoriUnexpected$ 7.00Big Flat 4
002634McCrumb, SharynShe Walks These Hills$ 4.50Flat 32
002635Burke, James LeeCimarron Rose: A Novel$ 5.00Flat 32
002636Spike Milligan and Jack HobbsWilliam McGonagall Meets George Gershwin $ 3.50Flat 32
002637Sawyer, Corinne HoltMurder Ole!$ 4.00Flat 32
002638Walters, MinetteThe Breaker$ 5.00Flat 32
002639Allen, Roger MacBrideAssault at Selonia: The Correllian Trilogy$ 4.50Flat 32
002640French, NicciKilling Me Softly : A Novel of Obsession$ 5.50Flat 32
002641Duncan, DaveThe Hunters' Haunt$ 4.00Flat 32
002642Chalker, Jack L.Demons at Rainbow Bridge$ 3.00Flat 32
002645Axelsson, MajgullDen Jag Aldrig Var$ 5.00Flat 32
002646Nabokov, VladimirLolita.$ 6.50Flat 32
002647McCall Smith, Alexander In the Company of Cheerful Ladies $ 8.00Big Flat 4
002649Coleman, Loren L.By Temptations and By War$ 8.00Big Flat 4
002650Malzberg, Barry N.On a Planet Alien$ 9.00Big Flat 4
002652Vogels, JoseyMy Messy Bedroom: Love and Sex in the 90s$ 10.00Big Flat 4
002654McLane, LuannHot Summer Nights$ 9.00Big Flat 4
002655Penthouse MagazinePenthouse Uncensored V$ 9.00Big Flat 4
002667Packer, Lester; Colman, CarolThe Antioxidant Miracle: Your Complete Plan for Total Health and Healing$ 15.50Big Flat 4
002677Milligan, PeterHUMAN TARGET: LIVING IN AMERIKA Vol.2$ 14.95Tpbk
002683Schuller, Robert H.My Journey : Crystal Cathedral Edition$ 10.00Big Flat 4
002684Johnson, SusanPure Silk$ 9.00Big Flat 4
002685Houston, JeanA Passion for the Possible: A Guide to Realizing Your Full Potential$ 10.00Big Flat 4
002687Roberts, MontyShy Boy : The Horse That Came in from the Wild$ 15.00Big Flat 4
002688Bailey, Joseph V.The Speed Trap: How to Avoid the Frenzy of the Fast Lane$ 7.00Big Flat 4
002689Mosby, SteveThe Third Person: A Journey into the Heart of Darkness$ 7.00Big Flat 4
002691Johnson, DianeLe Mariage$ 11.50Big Flat 5
002692Rose, Michael; Rose, Michael E.The Mazovia Legacy$ 10.00Big Flat 5
002693Binchy, MaeveQuentins$ 9.50Big Flat 5
002694Carcaterra, LorenzoStreet Boys$ 9.50Big Flat 5
002695LaceyPrincess$ 12.00Big Flat 4
002713Batman Forever$ 5.00Big Flat 5
002715Rosenbloom, JosephSpooky Riddles and Jokes$ 3.00Big Flat 5
002717House of Secrets: Foundation$ 14.95Tpbks
002726Books of Faerie: Auberon's Tale$ 14.95Tpbks
002732Devine, TheaBliss River$ 9.00Big Flat 5
002733McCarthy, ErinA Date With The Other Side$ 9.00Big Flat 5
002734Ross, JoAnn; Warren, Nancy; Sheedy, E.C.Bayou Bad Boys$ 9.00Big Flat 5
002735Lucado, MaxJust Like Jesus$ 7.50Big Flat 5
002736Kocher, Paul H.; Kocher, Paul HaroldMaster of Middle-Earth: The Fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien$ 8.50Big Flat 5
002737Nicholls, StanThe Covenant Rising$ 8.00Big Flat 5
002738Clinton, Hillary RodhamLiving History$ 10.00Big Flat 5
002740O'Neal, TatumA Paper Life: My Story$ 8.00Big Flat 5
002742Grass, GunterThe Danzig Trilogy: The Tin Drum, Cat and Mouse, Dog Years$ 20.00Big Flat 5
002744Ellmann, LucyDot in the Universe$ 5.00Big Flat 5
002745Wilcox, JamesModern Baptists$ 8.00Big Flat 5
002748Rendell, RuthSpeaker of Mandarin$ 3.50Flat 32
002749Rendell, RuthA Guilty Thing Surprised$ 3.50Flat 32
002750Rendell, RuthMeans of Evil and Other Stories$ 3.50Flat 32
002753Davis, Paige; Meredith Books; Davis, PeggyPaige by Paige: A Year of Trading Spaces$ 8.50Big Flat 5
002754Landers, Ann; Howard, MargoA Life in Letters: Ann Landers' Letters to Her Only Child$ 9.50Big Flat 5
002755Mixner, DavidBrave Journeys$ 10.00Big Flat 5
002756Butson, Thomas G.Gorbachev: A Biography$ 8.00Big Flat 5
002757Skene-Melvin, DavidInvestigating Women: Female Detectives by Canadian Writers An Eclectic Sampler$ 9.00Big Flat 5
002758Rendell, RuthThe Killing Doll$ 3.50Flat 32
002763P.H.D. Phantasy Degree Vol.1$ 9.95Tpbk
002765Francome, J.High Flyer$ 9.50Big Flat 6
002766Anderson, ChristopherCitizen Jane: La Vie Turbulente De Jane Fonda$ 9.00Big Flat 6
002767Heyer, GeorgetteEnvious Casca$ 7.00Big Flat 6
002768Lackey, MercedesFour & Twenty Blackbirds$ 10.00Big Flat 6
002769Feist, Raymond E.Krondor the Betrayal$ 12.00Big Flat 6
002770Larson, GaryLast Chapter and Worse: A Far Side Collection$ 10.50Big Flat 6
002771Larson, GaryGary Larson's the Curse of Madame "C": A Far Side Collection$ 7.00Big Flat 6
002772Larson, GaryCows of Our Planet: A Far Side Collection$ 7.50Big Flat 6
002773Larson, GaryWiener Dog Art: A Far Side Collection$ 6.00Big Flat 6
002774Troy, GilWhy I Am a Zionist: Israel Jewish Identity and the Challenges of Today$ 9.50Big Flat 6
002775Parramon, Jose MariaHow to Draw$ 7.50Big Flat 6
002776Lysaght, AlanThe Rolling Stones: An Oral History$ 10.00Big Flat 6
002777Bradley, Marion ZimmerLady of Avalon$ 15.00Big Flat 6
002779Rendell, RuthA Demon in My View$ 3.00Flat 32
002780Rendell, RuthMurder Being Once Done$ 3.00Flat 32
002781Rendell, RuthVanity Dies Hard$ 3.00Flat 32
002782Rendell, RuthThe Killing Doll$ 3.00Flat 32
002783Rendell, RuthA Guilty Thing Surprised$ 3.00Flat 32
002786Rendell, RuthA Sleeping Life$ 3.00Flat 32
002787Rendell, RuthMaster of the Moor$ 3.00Flat 32
002789Warcraft Sunwell Trilogy Vol.1$ 9.99Tpbk
002801Irvin, DickMy 26 Stanley Cups: Memories of a Hockey Life$ 10.00Big Flat 6
002802Smith, Alexander McCallThe Kalahari Typing School for Men$ 9.00Big Flat 6
002803Kwitney, AlisaDoes She or Doesn't She?$ 6.00Big Flat 6
002804Barrett, Steven M.D.The Hassle-free Walt Disney World Vacation$ 8.00Big Flat 6
002805Swartz, M.Get Wired, You're Hired$ 6.50Big Flat 6
002808Incredible Hulk: Abominable$ 11.99xxxx
002813Beck Vol. 4 Mongolian Chop Squad$ 9.99Tpbk
002816Death Jam Vol.1$ 9.99Tpbk
002820Secret Chaser Vol. 1$ 9.99Tpbk
002821Tunstall, JimWalt Disney World & Orlando for Dummies 2002$ 6.00Big Flat 6
002822Nichols, LeeTales of a Drama Queen$ 6.00Big Flat 6
002830Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Vol.1$ 10.95Tpbks
002833Ballis, StaceyInappropriate Men$ 7.50Big Flat 6
002834Dubus, Andre IIIHouse of Sand and Fog$ 10.00Big Flat 6
002836Carter-Scott, CherieIf Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human, As Introduced in Chicken Soup for the Soul$ 10.00Big Flat 6
002837Cornwell, PatriciaPredator: A Scarpetta Novel$ 10.00Big Flat 6
002838Sheehan, SusanIs There No Place on Earth for Me?$ 10.50Big Flat 6
002839Golden, ArthurMemoirs of a Geisha$ 9.50Big Flat 6
002841Langer, JonasTheories of Development$ 9.95Big Flat7
002842Groth-Marnat, GaryHandbook of Psychological Assessment$ 19.50Big Flat7
002843Blumenthal, James A.; McKee, Daphne C.Applications in Behavioral Medicine and Health Psychology: A Clinicians Source Book$ 24.50Big Flat7
002844Cheren, Stanley, M.D.Psychosomatic Medicine: Theory, Physiology, and Practice Vol. 1$ 34.95Big Flat7
002845Cheren, Stanley, M.D.Psychosomatic Medicine: Theory, Physiology, and Practice Psychosomatic Conditions Vol.2$ 34.95Big Flat7
002846Hetherington, Mavis; Parke, Ross D.Contemporary Readings in Child Psychology$ 14.75Big Flat7
002847Graham, John R.; Lilly, Roy S.Psychological Testing$ 24.75Big Flat7
002849Stone, George C.Health Psychology: A Discipline and a Profession$ 25.00Big Flat7
002850Zax, MelvinAbnormal Psychology: Changing Conceptions$ 14.95Big Flat7
002852Strupp, Hans H.; Binder, Jeffrey L.Psychotherapy in a New Key: A Guide to Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy$ 34.75Big Flat7
002853Beck : Mongolian Chop Squad Vol. 4$ 9.99Tpbk
002861Video Girl Ai Vol. 14 Brand New Video Girl$ 9.99Tpbk
002865Zath Bell Vol. 4 $ 9.99Tpbk
002873Naruto Vol. 4$ 7.95Tpbks
002875Ferrars, E. X.Foot in the Grave$ 4.50Flat 1
002876Albert, MarvinStone Angel$ 4.00Flat 1
002879Grisham, JohnA Painted House$ 5.75Flat 6
002880Ludlum, RobertMemoire Dans La Peau, La$ 6.00Flat 10
002881Quick, AmandaMistress$ 5.00Flat 10
002882Quick, AmandaDesire$ 5.00Flat 12
002884Adams, DeborahAll the Great Pretenders$ 4.00Flat 12
002886Ferrars, E. X.Milk of Human Kindness$ 5.00Flat 13
002887Berg, PattiBorn to Be Wild$ 4.50Flat 13
002888Berg, PattiAnd Then He Kissed Me$ 5.00Flat 13
002889Watt-Evans, LawrenceMisenchanted Sword$ 4.00Flat 15
002891Lowell, Elizabeth; McCauley, BarbaraForget Me Not$ 4.50Flat 15
002892Delinsky, BarbaraFlirting With Pete: A Novel$ 5.50Flat 16
002893Ridgway, ChristieThe Thrill of It All$ 4.50Flat 16
002895Dickson, Gordon R.The Space Swimmers$ 5.00Flat 16
002896Judd, Lewis L.Psychobiological Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry$ 34.75Basement Shelf
002897Kaplan, Harold I. M.D.; Benjamin J. Sadock, M.D. (edited by)Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry /IV$ 24.75Basement Shelf
002900Reeves-Stephen, Judith; Reeves-Stevens, GarfieldPrime Directive$ 3.50Flat 19
002901McCarty, DennisWarriors of Thlassa Mey$ 5.00Flat 19
002904London, CaitThree Kisses$ 4.50Flat 21
002907Volsky, PaulaThe Curse of the Witch-Queen$ 5.50Flat 27
002914Batman War Games Act 3$ 14.99Tpbk
002922Girotto, WalterArt of Walter Girotto$ 19.50Basement Shelf
002923Rocket, Howard; Sklar, RachelStroke of Luck: Life, Crisis and Rebirth of a Stroke Survivor$ 15.00Big Flat8
002924Baron, Robert A.; Byrne, Donn; Suls, JerryExploring Social Psychology$ 10.50
002925Grisham, JohnThe Street Lawyer$ 15.00Big Flat8
002926Francis, DianeBre-X: The Inside Story$ 15.00Big Flat8
002944Batman: Scarecrow Tales$ 19.95Tpbk
002962Force, Dr. EdwardCorgi Toys$ 10.00Big Flat8
002963Cook, RamsayCanada, Quebec and the Uses of Nationalism$ 10.00Big Flat8
002964Young-Ing, Greg and Florence Belmore (editors)Gatherings: The En'Owkin Journal of the First North American Peoples$ 9.00Big Flat8
002965Milton, SteveSkate Talk : Figure Skating in the Words of the Stars$ 15.00Big Flat8
002968Kalman, BobbieThe Early Family Home$ 6.00Basement Shelf
002969Kalman, BobbieEarly Schools$ 6.00Basement Shelf
002970Hall, Dorothea (Editor)Dressing Up Your Bedroom. Over 30 Beautiful Projects To Make$ 8.50Basement Shelf
002971Dorothea Hall, Edited ByDressing Up Your Kitchen and Dining Room $ 8.50Basement Shelf
002972Kelley, KarenTemperature's Rising$ 9.00Big Flat8
002973The Pregnancy Test$ 9.00Big Flat8
002974Donahue, TinaTake My Breath Away$ 9.00Big Flat8
002975Storm, RubyPerfect Betrayal$ 8.00Big Flat8
002977Byrd, RhyannonWaiting For It$ 8.00Big Flat8
002979Bo, RachelStrength In Numbers Double Jeopardy$ 7.00Big Flat8
002982ALISON KENTThe Samms Agenda$ 6.00Big Flat8
002983Kent, ALISONThe Shaughnessey Accord$ 6.00Big Flat8
002984Kent, ALISONThe Beach Alibi$ 6.00Big Flat8
002985Copeland, Jodi Lynn After Hours (Aphrodisia) $ 7.00Big Flat8
002986Kauffman, DonnaCatch Me If You Can$ 7.00Big Flat8
002987Monroe, Lucy AND ABLE $ 9.00Big Flat8
002988Kent, ALISONThe Bane Affair$ 9.00Big Flat8
002989Kent, AlisonDeep Breath $ 9.00Big Flat8
002990Stewart, MaryThe Hollow Hills ($ 5.50Flat 26
002991McCarty, DennisFlight to Thlassa Mey$ 4.95Flat 30
002992Braun, Lilian JacksonThe Cat Who Knew Shakespeare$ 5.00Flat 30
002993Carter, Lin (Editor)LIN CARTER PRESENTS: THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY STORIES: 5 $ 10.25Flat 30
002994Fuller, John G.The Interrupted Journey$ 5.00Flat 31
002996Coulson, JuanitaDeath God's Citadel$ 4.95Flat 31
002997Closs, HannahHigh Are the Mountains (The Tarn Trilogy Book 1) $ 4.95Flat 32
002999Bischoff, DavidNightworld$ 5.25Flat 32
003000Offutt, Andrew J.King Dragon $ 7.25Flat 32
003001Bradley, Marion Zimmer (editor)The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine$ 4.95Flat 32
003003Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne$ 9.99Tpbk
003007Charon, MillyWorlds Apart: New Immigrant Voices$ 12.00Big Flat9
003008Edwards, Anne (re-written)A Child's Bible (New Testament$ 9.50Flat 33
003009Edwards, Anne (re-written)A Child's Bible$ 9.50Flat 33
003010Speer, AlbertInside the Third Reich: Memoirs$ 7.50Flat 33
003011Bartlett, JohnThe Shorter Bartlett's Familiar Quotations $ 5.50Flat 33
003012GOLOMBEK, HarryThe Game of Chess $ 15.25Flat 33
003013Powell, TalmageThe Cage$ 9.00Flat 33
003014Jance, J.A.; Jance, Judith A.Exit Wounds$ 5.99Flat 33
003015Child, LeePersuader$ 5.99Flat 33
003016Compton, RalphVengeance Rider$ 5.00Flat 33
003017Evans, NicholasThe Smoke Jumper$ 5.75Flat 33
003018Burke, James LeeJolie Blon's Bounce: A Novel$ 4.99Flat 33
003019Clark, Mary HigginsThe Second Time Around$ 4.99Flat 33
003020Harrison, ColinManhattan Nocturne$ 5.50Flat 33
003021Hoag, TamiCry Wolf$ 5.99Flat 33
003022Oltion, Jerry; Oltin, JerryMudd in Your Eye$ 4.75Flat 33
003023Naylor, ClareDog Handling$ 4.95Flat 33
003024Higgins, JackBad Company.$ 5.99Flat 33
003025Rankin, IanBleeding Hearts$ 6.95Flat 33
003026Walters, MinetteAcid Row$ 6.99Flat 33
003027Harvey, Jack; Rankin, IanBlood Hunt$ 7.95Flat 33
003028Jance, J.A.Skeleton Canyon: A Joanna Brady Mystery$ 5.99Flat 33
003029Walters, MinetteThe Sculptress$ 6.99Flat 33
003030Slaughter, KarinA Faint Cold Fear: A Novel$ 6.00Flat 34
003032Brown, Dale; Defelice, JimDreamland: Satan's Tail$ 5.99Flat 34
003033Deaver, JefferyThe Empty Chair$ 6.00Flat 34
003034Carey, DianeChainmail$ 5.25Flat 34
003035Crichton, MichaelPrey : A Novel$ 6.00Flat 34
003036Grisham, JohnThe Summons$ 6.00Flat 34
003037Rankin, IanThe Falls$ 6.00Flat 34
003038Greene, JenniferWhere Is He Now?$ 5.00Flat 34
003042Vornholt, JohnGenesis Force$ 5.25Flat 34
003043Ferguson, WillHappiness : A Novel$ 5.50Flat 34
003044Harris, ThomasHannibal$ 5.75Flat 34
003045Grisham, JohnThe King of Torts$ 5.50Flat 34
003046Odom, MelThe Black Road$ 5.00Flat 34
003047White, StephenThe Program$ 6.00Flat 34
003048Slaughter, KarinA Faint Cold Fear: A Novel$ 6.00Flat 34
003049Hall, James W.Blackwater Sound$ 4.95Flat 34
003053Patterson, Richard NorthNo Safe Place$ 6.00Flat 35
003054Kellerman, JonathanFlesh and Blood$ 5.95Flat 35
003055Salvatore, R. A.The Silent Blade$ 5.95Flat 35
003056Clancy, Tom,Pieczenik, SteveOp-Center 10. Sea of Fire.$ 5.95Flat 35
003057Stewart, MariahDead Certain$ 4.95Flat 35
003058Gifford, ThomasThe Assassini$ 5.95Flat 35
003059Clancy, Tom; Greenberg, Martin; Preisler, JeromeTom Clancy's Power Plays: Cutting Edge$ 5.95Flat 35
003060Higgins, JackCold Harbour$ 5.00Flat 35
003061Higgins, JackBad Company.$ 5.99Flat 35
003063Hot Gimmick (Vol. 5)$ 9.95Tpbks
003069Bonodot, Jacques /Dewamme, Grard Clotho: Le Gambit des Innocents ($ 7.00Basement Shelf
003071Raeff, MarcUnderstanding Imperial Russia: State and Society in the Old Regime$ 10.50Big Flat9
003072Neufeld, Jacqueline KrauseA Handbook for Technical Communication$ 14.95Big Flat9
003073Galeano, EduardoOpen Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent$ 14.95Big Flat9
003074CanadaA Consolidation of the Constitution Acts, 1862 to 1982: Consolidated as of October 1, 1989$ 10.00Big Flat9
003075Time-Life Books; Eastman Kodak CompanyThe Art of Portraits and the Nude$ 8.00Basement Shelf
003076Addison-Wesley Publishing StaffIntroduction to Economics$ 29.75Basement Shelf
003077Donald, Robert B.; Moore, James D.; Morrow, Betty RichmondWriting Clear Paragraphs$ 14.75Big Flat9
003078Pickett, Nell Ann; Laster, Ann A.Technical English: Writing, Reading, and Speaking$ 9.95Big Flat9
003080Ellis, Dave and OthersBecoming a Master Student - Canadian Edition $ 14.50Basement Shelf
003081Kingsbury, Robert C & Pounds, Norman J.G. Kingsbury, Robert C & Pounds, Norman J.G. An Atlas of European Affairs $ 5.50Big Flat9
003082Hosking, GeoffreyThe First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within$ 24.75Big Flat9
003083Lannon, John M.Technical Writing$ 24.50Big Flat9
003084Zimmerman, Donald E.; Clark, David G.The Random House Guide to Technical and Scientific Communication$ 24.50Big Flat9
003091American Century Scars & Stripes$ 8.95Tpbk
003100Ellison, HarlanNight and the Enemy$ 6.00Big Flat9
003109Ryuji, TsugiharaFirst President of Japan Vol.1$ 9.95Tpbks
003110First President of Japan Vol. 3$ 9.95Tpbks
003111Yoshiki, HidakaFirst President of Japan Vol. 4$ 9.95Tpbks
003113Ark Angels Vol. 1$ 9.99Tpbk
003117Gto: Great Teacher Onizuka Vol. 16$ 9.99Tpbks
003122Mouryou Kiden: Vol.2 Legend Of The Nymph$ 9.99Tpbk
003126Fantastic Four Spider-Man Classic$ 16.99Tpbk
003127Spectacular Spider-Man: Here There be Monsters$ 9.99Tpbk
003129Cisco Kid #18 Very Very Nice Copy$ 35.00Binder
003130Stone Preview Signed$ 5.95Binder
003133Moore, SallyThe Definitive Diana: An Intimate Look at the Princess of Wales from A to Z$ 8.00Big Flat9
003134Hutchins, Chris; Thompson, PeterFergie Confidential: The Real Story$ 10.00Big Flat9
003135Whitaker, JamesDiana vs. Charles$ 15.00Big Flat9
003139Robertson, MaryThe Diana I Knew: Loving Memories of the Friendship Between an American Mother and Her Son's Nanny Who Became the Princess of Wales$ 10.00Big Flat9
003140Jackson, RobertSubmarines of the World $ 8.75Big Flat9
003141De Lancie, John; David, PeterI, Q$ 10.00Big Flat9
003142Dunlop JaniceCharles and Diana a Royal Romance $ 5.00Flat 35
003143Campbell, ColinDiana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows$ 4.00Flat 35
003144Davies, NicholasDiana: A Princess and Her Troubled Marriage$ 4.50Flat 35
003147Hindley, GeoffreyHistory of the Royal Family$ 29.50Top Shelf
003148Hall, TrevorIn Celebration of the Queen's Visit to Canada $ 14.75Top Shelf
003149Morrison, Sarah LyddonThe Modern Witch's Spellbook, Book II$ 7.50Big Flat10
003150Moore, DanielWarrior Wisdom$ 6.00Big Flat10
003155Batman : Anarky$ 12.95Tpbks
003158City Hunter Vol.2$ 9.95Tpbks
003159City Hunter Vol. 3$ 9.95Tpbks
003160City Hunter Vol.1$ 9.95Tpbks
003163Divine Right: Book 1 : The Adventures of Max Faraday$ 17.95Tpbk
003164Fist of the Blue Sky Vol. 3$ 9.95Tpbks
003171Red-Tokyo Storm Warning$ 14.95Tpbks
003173Spider-Man : Torment (Spiderman Ser.)$ 15.95Tpbks
003179Wildcats Version 3.0: Full Disclosure$ 14.95Tpbks
003183Incredible Hulk: Split Decisions$ 12.99Tpbk
003184Daredevil: Love's Labors Lost$ 19.99Tpbks
003187Fantastic Four: Into the Breach$ 15.95Tpbk
003188Incredible Hulk: Transfer of Power$ 12.99xxxx
003190Peter Parker, Spider Man : One Small Break$ 16.95Tpbks
003192X-treme X-men: Prisoner Of Fire$ 19.99Tpbk
003193Rousseau-Houle, TheresePrecis Du Droit De La Vente Et Du Louage$ 10.00Big Flat10
003194Vitale, JosephFor Pasta Lovers$ 10.00Big Flat10
003195Landry, BernardCommerce Sans Frontieres: Le Sens Du Libre-echange$ 10.00Big Flat10
003196Twerski; Twerski, AbrahamFrom Bondage to Freedom: The Passover Haggadah$ 14.50Big Flat10
003198Moffet, ClaireL' Entrepreneur General, les Sous-Traitants et le Bureau des Soumissions Deposees du Quebec$ 10.00Big Flat10
003199Myron, Nancy; Bunch, Charlotte (editors)Lesbianism and the Women's Movement$ 4.00Big Flat10
003200K. A. MacKirdy, J. S. Moir, and Y. F. ZoltvanyChanging Perspectives in Canadian History, Selected Problems$ 5.00Big Flat10
003201Diamond, LizLesbian Primer, The $ 7.00Big Flat10
003202SPERRY, ARMSTRONGLe capitaine Cook explore le Pacifique $ 7.00Big Flat10
003203Dixon, Franklin W.Hardy Boys 18: The Twisted Claw $ 5.00Big Flat10
003204Dixon, Franklin W.The Disappearing Floor: Hardy Boys$ 6.50Big Flat10
003206Foster, Lori; Denison, Janelle; Warren, NancyBad Boys to Go$ 9.50Big Flat10
003209Bord, JanetFairies: Real Encounters With Little People$ 14.50Big Flat10
003212Hart, Albert BushnellSalmon P. Chase$ 10.50Big Flat10
003213Revel, Jean-Francois; Lazic, Branko M.How Democracies Perish$ 5.50Big Flat10
003215Hernandez, LeaCathedral Child$ 5.00Big Flat10
003219Ball, MurrayFootrot Flats 3$ 7.00Big Flat10
003222Keene, CarolynThe secret of the old Clock - Nancy Drew mystery Stories$ 5.50Big Flat10
003223Goodwin, MarieWhere the Towers Pierce the Sky$ 8.50Big Flat10
003224Lappe, Frances M.; Collins, JosephWorld Hunger : Twelve Myths$ 5.50Big Flat10
003225Keppler, UttaDie Falterfrau$ 5.00Big Flat11
003226Mencken, H.L. (ed.)AMERICANA 1926 $ 10.50Big Flat11
003227Beloff, MaxTHE BALANCE OF POWER $ 15.25
003228Plotnik, ArthurThe Elements of Editing: A Modern Guide for Editors and Journalists$ 7.00Big Flat11
003229Miller, DavisThe Tao of Muhammad Ali$ 7.00Big Flat11
003230100 Best-Loved Poems$ 5.00Big Flat11
003231Adler, Elizabeth A.Sailing to Capri$ 9.50Big Flat11
003232Corey, Stephen (ed)The Georgia Review Summer 2000$ 7.00Big Flat11
003233Corey, Stephen (ed)The Georgia Review Fall 2000$ 7.00Big Flat11
003234Frank, GeroldThe Deed$ 10.50Big Flat11
003235Salomon, Ernst VonFragebogen (the questionnaire)$ 9.50Big Flat11
003239Bryant, JamesDepartment Store Disease$ 10.50Big Flat11
003240Fienburgh, WilfredNo Love for Johnnie $ 19.95Big Flat11
003244100 Bullets: A Foregone Tomorrow$ 17.95Tpbk
003250Batman: Bloodstorm$ 14.95Tpbk
003258Fantastic Four: Authoratative Action$ 12.99Tpbk
003269Tramps Like Us Vol. 3$ 9.99Tpbk
003273Stewart, SharonRaven Quest$ 14.95Big Flat11
003283Proposition Player$ 14.95Tpbks
003288A.I. Love You Vol 1$ 9.99Tpbks
003290Battle Royale Vol. 14$ 9.99Tpbk
003293Barron, StephanieJane and the Barque of Frailty$ 13.00Big Flat11
003301Rice, AnneMerrick$ 20.00Big Flat11
003303Big Book of Little Criminals$ 14.95Tpbks
003304Big Book of the Weird Wild West$ 14.95Tpbks
003311Battle Royale Vol. 14$ 9.99Tpbk
003318Showcase Presents: Green Arrow Vol. 1$ 16.99Tpbk
003319Tramps Like Us Vol. 2$ 9.99Tpbks
003322X-men Golgotha $ 12.99Tpbk
003323Coulter, CatherineDevil's Embrace$ 6.00Flat 35
003324Edwards, Paul The Holocaust Auction : John Eagle Expeditor Nr 10 $ 6.00Flat 35
003325De Villiers, Gerard Malko Que Viva Guevara #10$ 5.00Flat 35
003326Cratures mystrieuses. Du monstre du Loch Ness au Yeti $ 5.00Flat 35
003327Fantomes Manifestations et Apparitions$ 5.00Flat 35
003328Francis, MarioLeonis: Le talisman des Pharaons$ 5.00Flat 35
003331Fernandez-Florez, DarioLola - a Dark Mirror$ 7.00Flat 35
003333Johnson, BobOccult Investigator: Real Cases From The Files Of X-Investigations$ 9.95Big Flat11
003334Amazing Stories: The Anthology$ 10.00Big Flat11
003335Giles, CynthiaThe Tarot : History, Mystery and Lore$ 9.00Big Flat11
003336Schulz, Charles M.The Meditations of Linus $ 3.00Big Flat11
003337Farewell to Star Trek the Next Generation : TV Guide Collector's Edition$ 5.00Big Flat11
003339Krin, SylvieHeir of Sorrows$ 5.00
003341McInerny, Ralph M.Getting a Way with Murder$ 7.00Big Flat12
003342Bricklin, MarkNatural Healing Cookbook$ 8.00Big Flat12
003343A Blue Jays Companion: Thirty-Two Top Writers Expound on the History, Heroes, Heartbreaks & Triumphs of "Canada's Team"$ 6.00Big Flat12
003346Jones, Laurie BethThe Power of Positive Prophecy: Finding the Hidden Potential in Everyday Life$ 15.00Big Flat12
003347Cheska, AlyceMoving to the Country$ 8.00Big Flat12
003348Approaches to Ethics: Representative Selections from Classical Times to the Present$ 14.50Big Flat12
003349Cartland, BarbaraRomantic Royal Marriages$ 10.00Big Flat12
003350Brady, JohnIslandbridge : A Matt Minogue Mystery$ 20.00Big Flat 9
003352Gernsheim, Helmut and Alison L.J.M. DaguerreThe History of the Diorama and the Daguerreotype $ 45.00Big Flat12
003353Vintage Volkswagens Project, Flat 4 $ 10.00Big Flat12
003354Stevenson, Robert Louis and Lloyd Osbournehe Wrong Box, The Body Snatcher$ 25.00Big Flat12
003355Stevenson, Robert Louis and Lloyd OsbourneVailima Papers (Vol.XXI)$ 20.00Big Flat12
003359Locke, Raymond FridayThe book of the Navajo $ 5.50Flat 2
003360Whalen, Richard J.The Founding Father: The Story of Joseph P. Kennedy $ 5.00Flat 2
003361Shakespeare, G.B.Harrison (ed)Richard the Third $ 3.50Flat 2
003362Tameichi; Saito, Fred; Pineau, Roger HaraJapanese Destroyer Captain$ 25.00Flat 3
003363Hohne, HeinzCodeword: Direktor $ 7.00Flat 3
003365Brown, Anthony Cave (Editor)The Secret War Report of the OSS$ 7.00Flat 5
003367Heinlein, Robert A.Tunnel in the Sky$ 5.00Flat 8
003368Heinlein, Robert A.Time for the Stars$ 5.00Flat 8
003369BoileauLe lutrin et l'art Poetique$ 7.00Flat 14
003370Malherbe, Mainard, RacanPoesies Choisies $ 7.00Flat 14
003371Madame de La FayetteLa Princesse de Cleves - Extraits$ 8.00Flat 14
003372Corneille Horace$ 7.00Flat 14
003373Corbire, TristanLes Amours Jaunes$ 7.00Flat 14
003374Aragon, Louis Le paysan de Paris $ 7.00Flat 14
003375Ternois, Rene La Bruyere - Les Caracteres Extraits Tome 1$ 7.00Flat 14
003377Duncan, AlMaster Plan$ 10.00Big Flat12
003378Or, EidanMeditation: The Journey to Your Inner World$ 7.00Big Flat12
003379Nuernberger, PhilThe Quest for Personal Power: Transforming Stress into Strength$ 10.00Big Flat12
003380O'Neil, William24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success$ 7.00Big Flat12
003382Lundy, James L.Teams: Together Each Achieves More Success How to Develop Peak Performance Teams for World-Class Results$ 9.00Big Flat12
003383Foster, SandraMake the Most of What You've Got : The Canadian Guide to Managing Retirement Income$ 9.00Big Flat12
003384Briggs, John; Peat, F. DavidSeven Life Lessons of Chaos: Spiritual Wisdom from the Science of Change$ 9.00Big Flat12
003385Gordon, BarryMemory: Remembering and Forgetting in Everyday Life$ 10.00Big Flat12
003386Levy, MarcSept jours pour un eternite.$ 7.00Flat 35
003387Gowdy, BarbaraThe White Bone$ 11.00Big Flat12
003388Laberge, MarieLa Ceremonie Des Anges$ 12.00Big Flat12
003389Levine, Reinhold, YoungInternet Mini Reference Pour Les Nuls 3e Edition $ 7.00Flat 16
003390Hayden, Torey L.Kevin Le Rvolte$ 5.50Flat 16
003391Bray, Barbara; Quint, MichelIn Our Strange Gardens$ 8.00Big Flat12
003392Shriver, LionelWe Need to Talk about Kevin$ 8.00Big Flat12
003393Davis, JimGarfield's Joke Zone/ Garfield's in Your Face Insults$ 6.00Flat 17
003394Du Maurier, DaphneMy Cousin Rachel$ 5.50Flat 17
003395Bello, Nino Lo The Vatican Empire$ 5.00Flat 17
003396Fesquet, Henri (thanslated by: Salvator Attanasio)Wit & Wisdom of Good Pope John $ 5.00Flat 17
003397Johnson, Robert A.Tables for One: A Spanish Journal$ 9.50Big Flat13
003398Schilling, Donald G.Lessons and Legacies: The Meaning of the Holocaust in a Changing World$ 20.00Big Flat13
003400Morton, Andrew; Rubenstein, Julie (editor); Peters, Sally (editor)Diana: In Pursuit of Love$ 15.00Big Flat13
003401Morgan, MurraySkid Road$ 7.00Flat 19
003402Auger, MichelThe Biker Who Shot Me: Recollections of a Crime Reporter$ 10.50Big Flat13
003403Barron, JohnMig Pilot: The Final Escape of Lt. Belenko$ 5.50Flat 20
003404DeLeon, Thomas Cooper Four Years in Rebel Capitals $ 6.50Flat 20
003409Hayes Modem User Manual(only), 2400 BPS,Hayes Smartmodem Compatible$ 5.00Big Flat13
003410TVGA Operations Manual$ 5.00Big Flat13
003411MB-1333C-C-CH Users Manual$ 5.00Big Flat13
003412LogitechLogitech Getting Started$ 5.00Big Flat13
003413LogitechLogitech Mouseware Utilities$ 7.00Big Flat13
003414Norton, PeterNorton Antivirus Version 5.0$ 5.00Big Flat13
003415Norton, PeterNorton Antivirus Version 4.0$ 5.00Big Flat13
003417Bourgault, DenysGuide Pratique Des Noeuds$ 6.50Big Flat13
003418Jastrow, RobertDes astres, de la vie et des Hommes$ 8.00Flat1
003419Hans / LapougeLes femmes, la pornographie, l'rotisme $ 10.00Flat1
003420Moukhine, C.Pphysique Nucleaire Recreative$ 9.00Flat1
003421d'Arnim AchimContes Bizarres $ 9.00Flat1
003422Breathnach, Sarah BanSimple Abundance Journal of Gratitude$ 9.00Big Flat13
003423Aronson, ElliotSocial Animal$ 15.00Big Flat13
003424Brennan, James F.History and Systems of Psychology$ 12.50Big Flat13
003425Sebranek, Patrick; Meyer, Verne; Kemper, Dave; Van Rys, JohnSchool to Work : A Student Handbook$ 18.00Big Flat13
003426Kreinin, Mordechai E.International Economics: A Policy Approach$ 30.00Big Flat13
003427Lurie, AlisonThe Last Resort$ 13.00Big Flat13
003428BARLOY, Jean-Jacques & EHRHARDT, Jean-paulNotre ami le dauphin $ 7.00Flat1
003429Lonard et Nathalie Zunin Contact : les quatre premires minutes d'une rencontre $ 9.00Big Flat13
003430Droscher, Vitus B.Le langage secret des animaux $ 9.00Flat1
003431Bass, J.Elements De Calcul Des Probabilites $ 25.00Big Flat13
003432Leon, Pierre-R. Prononciation du Francais Standard$ 20.00Big Flat13
003434Castleman, HarryAll Together Now: The First Complete Beatles Discography, 1961-1975$ 20.00Big Flat13
003435Expo 67 Guide Official/Officiel $ 15.00Big Flat13
003438Thompson, Hunter S.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas$ 15.00Flat 36
003441Wyndham, JohnWeb$ 8.00Flat1
003443Potter, StephenOne-Upmanship: Being Some Account of the Activities and Teaching of the Lifemanship Correspondence College of One-Upness and Gameslifemastery$ 5.00Flat1
003444Valenti, MichaelQuestion of Guilt$ 5.50Flat1
003445Hart, JohnnyLoneliness Is Rotting on a Bookrack$ 5.00Flat1
003446Hart, JohnnyLife is a Ninety-five Cent Paperback$ 5.50Flat1
003447Crichton, RobertThe Great Imposter & The Rascal and the Road $ 9.50Flat1
003448Coins of Canada : 1998 Edition$ 10.00Big Flat13
003449Consumer Guide (editors)Prescription Drugs$ 5.00Big Flat12
003450Malmberg, BertilLa Phontique $ 3.50Flat1
003451Smith,PeterThe Observer`s Book of Cricket #49$ 9.00Flat1
003452Bowler, PeterSuperior Person's Book of Weird and Wondrous Words$ 12.00Big Flat13
003453Jennings, W.P.Automobiles of the Fifties$ 30.00Big Flat12
003454Thompson, Hunter S.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream$ 10.00Big Flat 9
003455Carlinsky, DanThe Great 1960s Trivia Game$ 10.00Big Flat 9
003456Owens, Dede; Bunker, Linda K.Golf: Steps to Success$ 15.00Big Flat11
003457Box, Edgar; Vidal, GoreDuluth$ 10.00Big Flat11
003459100 Bullets Vol. 5 Counterfifth Detective$ 12.95Tpbk
003460100 Bullets: Six Feet Under the Gun Vol.6$ 12.95Tpbks
003461100 Bullets: The Hard Way$ 14.99Tpbk
003463Baby Birth Vol.1$ 9.99Tpbks
003464Baby Birth Vol. 2$ 9.99Tpbks
003465Batman: Fortunate Son$ 14.95Tpbk
003468Boys Be ... Vol. 2$ 9.99Tpbks
003469Contest of Champions II$ 14.95Tpbk
003474Exiles:Legacy Vol. 4$ 12.99Tpbk
003475Exiles: Unnatural Instincts$ 14.99Tpbk
003476Exiles: Fantastic Voyage$ 17.00Tpbk
003477EXILES VOL. 9: BUMP IN THE NIGHT$ 17.99Tpbk
003479Gangland$ 12.95Tpbk
003481Howard the Duck$ 14.99Tpbk
003484Phd: Phantasy Degree Vol.2$ 9.99Tpbk
003489Son of Superman$ 14.95Tpbk
003493Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 3$ 10.95Tpbks
003495Fitzgerald, F. ScottThe Great Gatsby$ 7.00Flat1
003496VALNET, JEAN (Dr)Se Soigner Par Les Legumes , Les Fruits Et Les Cereales $ 10.00Flat1
003497Light Brigade$ 19.95Tpbk
003499Ambler, EricBackground to Danger$ 12.00Big Flat13
003500Bazzana, Kevin; Naves, Elaine KalmanShoshanna's Story : A Mother, a Daughter, and the Shadows of History$ 19.50Big Flat13
003501Van Der Plas, RobMountain Bike Maintenance: Repairing and Maintaining the Off-Road Bicycle$ 10.00Big Flat13
003502Effinger, GeorgeWhen Gravity Fails$ 10.00Big Flat13
003504Horwood, HaroldBarlett: The Great Explorer$ 8.00Big Flat13
003505Simpson, John; Ayto, JohnThe Oxford Dictionary Of Modern Slang$ 25.00Big Flat13
003506Fortune Telling and Palm Reading$ 8.00Big Flat13
003515Loveless Manga Vol. 2$ 9.99Tpbk
003519Saber Marionette J (Vol. 1)$ 9.99Tpbks
003521Norton, AndreBeast Master$ 5.00Flat 36
003522Norton, AndreIce Crown$ 5.00Flat 36
003523Norton, AndreStar Born$ 5.00Flat 36
003524Stasheff, ChristopherKing Kobold$ 5.00Flat 36
003525Kabat-Zinn, JonWherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life$ 13.00Big Flat11
003530Tolstoy, LeoWAR AND PEACE in Two Volumes A BOXED SET $ 25.00Flat1
003532AnonymousOh Wicked Country!$ 4.50Flat 24
003533Reklaw, Jesse Applicant$ 5.00Big Flat14